Update on Vancouver, by Mother God and Lynn

Since December 2015 Lynn and I have seen the destruction of Greater Vancouver as a vision on the inside realm.  We both saw a device that was fitted to an ET ship that could incinerate homes and start mass fires.  Lynn connected via telepathic channels to our Military.  She at first told Homeland Defense.  A [...]


The best minds on Earth can not imagine in their worst nightmares what is possible now.  My Daughter and I have given information on this website about the Planetary Shift.  I want to make it crystal clear to all of you, so no one can say they were  not told. First of all I want [...]

Before the Shift, by Godhead

There are procedures in place for the Planetary Shift.  The shift will happen December 2018.  The exact date in 2018 has not been calculated yet. The first thing that is mandatory is the removal of all Beings that have hurt or threatened the Planetary Owner.  This Channeler Lynn MacKay is the Planetary owner.  Her spirit [...]

Update on the Pleiadians, by Mother God

Today the Pleiadians have stated their intention to steal our Planet from us. Many things have happened over the last few years to give them this false sense of their abilities to accomplish this. First of all they got to our Military.  Today 85% of our Military in Canada have alien overlays.  What that means [...]

Gods on Earth, by Azna

I wish to address something today. My daughter Lynn has been made a God of Love, God of War, God of Oneness with all Beings, and God of all designations (spiritual and religious).  This came from lifetimes of hard work and many spiritual designations.  Her son Russell has been made a God of War and [...]

THE SHIFT, by Lynn and the Godhead

At the time of the Planetary Shift many things happen.  First of all the owner of the Planet or Mother God must come down to Earth in human form without any power.  She must earn her patterning  to become a God.  This is not an easy feat. Just before the Planetary Shift she must have [...]


We in Heaven are working on a computer fix to remove all the Homeland Team and other military groups from the ET Ant computers.  This is their (the Ants) attempt to take our Planet from us.  They are an upright being.  They are about 3 feet tall and have an ant face.  Their technology is [...]

Status Update, by the Council in Heaven

1. We in Heaven, a Planet a wormhole away from Planet Earth agree with Putin’s comment on North Korea. “Russia believes that the policy of putting pressure on Pyongyang to stop its nuclear missile program is misguided and futile,” Putin said in an article released Thursday by the Kremlin, ahead of the BRICS summit in [...]

Love — What is it? by Mother God

Love is a word that has meaning.  It is a descriptive word that has to do with your heart.  It also has a specific frequency.  When you feel this love frequency you are able to send it to another via heart channels. To circle love is the most important action you must commit daily. Send [...]

Sexual relationships now by Mother God

Many have asked me why their relationships are failing.  I will address how to have a good sexual relationship. To start an awesome sexual relationship your spirits must match each other.  That is based on patterning plus your energy field.  The higher your patterning rises, the better your energy field is. Also I must address [...]