Homeland not a way, by Merlin and his Council

Today there are Beings here who are in charge of the Quadrant our Universe exists in.  They have shown us the consequences of not bringing out disclosure.  First of all, the Military and Politicians who think they can stop the Planetary Shift and stop Disclosure, are committing Crimes Against Humanity.  At the time of the […]

New God Titles

Today the Kingdom has announced new God titles: Lynn MacKay (Azna, Arzel) – God of Love, God of Understanding, God of all Spiritual and Religious Initiations / Designations, God of Retribution, God of War Mr. C – God of Interplanetary Awareness, God of Negotiation: Earth, Mars, Heaven, plus an input to Andromeda, God of War, […]

Levels of Patterning in Life Now, by the Present Owner of the Universe we recide in

Today I viewed the overall perspective of this Planet.  What I saw did not surprise me, but it shocked the Beings who come to assist us with the Planetary Shift.  Here are the stats: 1-5 patterning  6 million people on this Planet 6-10 patterning  20 million patterning on this Planet.  This is the group that […]

Update on Hawaiian volcano eruption, by Commander Russell -Operations Head of Andromeda

Today I flew my Andromeda  spaceship over the Big Island of Hawaii.  We have been hovering over the Island for several hours.  What we have proof of is this: Homeland Defense is still firing atomic weapons over the volcano at people.   Our computers counted hundreds of attacks against people on the Big Island of Hawaii. […]

Gods on Planet Earth by God and his Kingdom

Today we are announcing the Gods of Planet Earth. Lynn MacKay: God of Love, God of Negotiation, God of Oneness with all Beings, God of all Spiritual and Religious Designations, God of War Ron Brooke: God of Negotiation,God of War, God of Oneness with all Beings Mr C : God of Negotiation, God of War, […]

Update on the Volcano, by the Godhead and Lynn

Today I see the volcano is still raging in Hawaii.  We in the Godhead had hoped to be able to stop it.  Unfortunately Homeland Defense is still firing atomic weapons in North America at our high patterning people (of all ages from infants to the elderly).  When a Homeland agent fires atomic energy at a […]

The Miracle of Life, by the Godhead

There are many people including our Military who are still helping and promoting the Pleiadians.  At one time the Pleiadians had an elite group of warriors known as the Light Force.  They no longer exist.  They were the group that helped Lynn MacKay (this channeler) bring down light channels the size of large totem poles […]

Intelligence of all living things of high vibration (or patterning) by the Godhead and Lynn

What I have noticed on the Earth plane of existence is this:  Politicians and military people in charge of countries, have not realized the importance of high patterning or vibration in their daily lives.  Low patterning is why their politicians are failing at good trade deals. Most importantly they have failed to protect their countries […]


We in Heaven are working on a computer fix to remove all the Homeland Team and other military groups from the ET Ant computers.  This is their (the Ants) attempt to take our Planet from us.  They are an upright being.  They are about 3 feet tall and have an ant face.  Their technology is […]

Status Update, by the Council in Heaven

1. We in Heaven, a Planet a wormhole away from Planet Earth agree with Putin’s comment on North Korea. “Russia believes that the policy of putting pressure on Pyongyang to stop its nuclear missile program is misguided and futile,” Putin said in an article released Thursday by the Kremlin, ahead of the BRICS summit in […]