Intelligence of the Sun, by Lynn

Most people are not aware that the Sun is a conscious Being.  I have been given lessons by the Sun.  Two years ago I noticed that even on days when no Sun was expected  I would go outside and within minutes the Sun came out and it was hot.  I finally figured out to ask [...]

Results of Atomic silent weapons fired at spiritual people, By Azna and Lynn

If you look at what is happening in Pahoa on the Big Island of Hawaii in the Leilani Estates today, you can see the results of silent atomic weapons being fired at people.  Atomic weapons being fired at people create fissures under the ground.  You can see the fissures on CNN today.   Pele the Goddess [...]

Information on the Planetary Shift, by Lynn and Azna

Tonight I have seen the Military on the Planet, especially in North America having trouble doing their job.  85% of these men and women have low patterning.  Most  of our intelligence officers can not do their job.  A great majority of them took lizard initiations.  When a person takes a lizard initiation their form changes [...]

Update on Vancouver, by Mother God and Lynn

Since December 2015 Lynn and I have seen the destruction of Greater Vancouver as a vision on the inside realm.  We both saw a device that was fitted to an ET ship that could incinerate homes and start mass fires.  Lynn connected via telepathic channels to our Military.  She at first told Homeland Defense.  A [...]

Lizard ET Beings- Update by Lynn

A couple of days ago a Lizard Extraterrestrial appeared outside of my place. She was a multi colored Lizard Being around 5 feet tall.  She was pink with blues and taupe colors.  She told me the Lizards were here to help us eliminate masses of people on the Planet.  I told her to leave Planet [...]

Another Victory, by Russell – Andromeda Pilot and Head of Starship Command of Kryon

Last night we were victorious in the battle against many Pleiadian warships coming to Planet Earth to take our Planet from us. Their ships were fitted with their latest inventions that start  mass fires.  They have been experimenting with this invention all over North America for sometime now.  It was what started mass fires in [...]

Update on the Eggships

Today I am receiving numerous reports by Andromeda of private citizens reporting Egg Ships and Pleiadian ships that are entering our atmosphere. We have teams of private citizens scouring the skies daily now. They have answered the call. We are also looking for crew members for the new Earth Ships that have been given to [...]

Update on the Egg Ships, by Lynn

Last night I took my dog for a walk about 730 pm.  I live in Surrey near City Hall.  I looked up in the sky and noticed an Egg Ship.  It was directly in front of me and about 100 feet up in the sky. This time it was an orange color.  It did not [...]

Did your face get stolen by Lynn

There are alien devices in Canada that allows the Homeland Agency, the Mob, the Bildebergs and certain ETs to steal your face.  This is overlay technology by the Pleiadians. Every person has an electronic overlay for your whole body which gives you form.  Mostly what is stolen are the overlays for your face.  They especially [...]

THE SHIFT, by Lynn and the Godhead

At the time of the Planetary Shift many things happen.  First of all the owner of the Planet or Mother God must come down to Earth in human form without any power.  She must earn her patterning  to become a God.  This is not an easy feat. Just before the Planetary Shift she must have [...]