Politicians that are no longer human, by Arzel and Lynn

A lot of our politicians have patterning too low for them to remain in life.  They have no chance of surviving the Planetary Shift.  Because of this some have chosen to get new ET life forms (bodies).  With this Overlay technology the Arcturians, Pleiadians and other ETs can make them look like they did before.  […]

Sanctions are Crimes Against Humanity, by Arzel (the new Mother God)

Our World is in a sorry state just before the Planetary Shift.  United States Politicians and others have been warned many times.  The Problem is that the Politicians and Military in charge have too low patterning (vibration). This is directly caused by their actions, especially over the last 10 years.  What was acceptable in the […]


Source is the head of all the galaxies known to man and the Beings here. He has allowed many different races of Beings to exist on the Pleiades Star System.  One such race is the Light Force.  People from other Planetary Beings referred to them as the Pleiadian Light Force.  The Light Force Beings are […]

Love of Humanity, by Merlin and Lynn

At the time of the shift it is necessary to eliminate souls who do not improve.  On our Planet that would be 70%.  I own Planet Earth, Planet Heaven and Mars.  Most Planetary Owners do not have a separate planet for their Heaven. They have a partition.  That is why there are so many different […]

NEW: Update on the Planetary Shift, by Lynn (Arzel & Azna)

At the time of the Planetary Shift each person and Being is given power to grow their Soul, Gaia and increase the natural protection around the Planet.  Unfortunately with our Planet there has been a dark angel who has not helped the masses on the Planet grow our energy. However the Kingdom has put many […]

Love today by Merlin and Lynn

Love is what conquers fear.  Hope for a peaceful ascension is what will help with this Planetary Ascension. I have seen all the difficulty my former wife Lynn MacKay has with corrupt politicians, spiritual groups and the Military.  Most of them have been corrupted by the  Bilderbergs, Mafia, ETS such as the Pleiadians, Anchars, Arcturians, […]

Disease and Infection, by Arzel (Lynn Mackay)

Today I saw an article about infection and Alzheimer disease. I believe there is a connection. My ex husband Russell MacKay was sick with esophagus cancer.  When I found out I had some ET friends help him.  My special ET friends with all the technology had returned to their home.  These special friends consulted with […]

20191016 -New -Update on the Arcturians, by Arzel

Last night Source and Andromeda went after the Arcturians.  A few minutes after I had spoken to Source, an Arcturian connected to me psychically and said they were going to take our Planet from us.  He bragged that he had our (Canadian and USA) military under his control. The problem in North America is that […]

The Gravy Man, by Arzel

There is a Homeland Commander that is nicknamed “The Gravy Man”.   I am a vegetarian.  I like to stock the gravy mixes from IKEA. They are good for Shepherds Pie plus many other entrees.  My last stash of 5-6 gravy packages vanished one day when I took my dog for a walk.  I went […]

Patterning required now, by Arzel and Azna

Arzel and I have berated the intelligence agencies in Canada to do their jobs to a high standard.   When the devices that  caused mass fires were stolen from England, none of our intelligence agencies could do their job to recover them.  As a consequence there was a large fire in Fort McMurray, various fires in […]