Levels of Patterning in Life Now, by the Present Owner of the Universe we recide in

Today I viewed the overall perspective of this Planet.  What I saw did not surprise me, but it shocked the Beings who come to assist us with the Planetary Shift.  Here are the stats: 1-5 patterning  6 million people on this Planet 6-10 patterning  20 million patterning on this Planet.  This is the group that […]

Update on the Eggships

Today I am receiving numerous reports by Andromeda of private citizens reporting Egg Ships and Pleiadian ships that are entering our atmosphere. We have teams of private citizens scouring the skies daily now. They have answered the call. We are also looking for crew members for the new Earth Ships that have been given to […]

Pleiadian warships no more, by Russell – Andromeda Commander

The Pleiadians decided they wanted your Planet at any cost.  They amassed around 3000 ET ships loaded with weapons.  Some had that new technology that causes mass fires like what happened in Fort McMurray.  Because Andromeda has many spies and technology to see the future we were ready for them.  This weekend we had many […]


Today I am going to clarify somethings with regards to the Lizard Beings.  First of all these lizard beings come from a different galaxy than ours.   They offer humans an opportunity to raise their power.  Unfortunately what they do not tell you is that once you take 3 initiations you are no longer human.  You […]

Love in entirety, by Beings (Earthlings, Pleiadians, Andromedans)

Now we have your attention we wish to state our intention with this article.  We have done this as a collaborative.  I am a Commander with the Andromeda Council and my station is Earth.  I arrived about 2 months Earth Time ago.  This article is being compiled by The Council in Heaven, The Pleiadian Light […]

Love of the Light by the Intergallatic Council of Andromedas

We the Council have a new way of dealing with non-peaceful Races or Beings.  We have seen how those with the atomic and mass destruction weapons rule you.  We do see however,that those who oppose them  do so silently from the realm of creation with your Heavenly Scholars and Councillors.  Now there is a law […]

Planetary Guidelines for after the Shift, by the Pleiadian Light Force

The armies of Planet Earth have one thing in common.  That is their wish to conquer and control.  That is not in the best interests of your planetary being Gaia.  She is raising her patterning or vibration as you know it.  She will soon take a big jump into the vibration of your interstellar community.  […]

Andromeda April 26, 2009

We are a race of Beings that have been elected to enforce the laws of our galaxy. Once Planet Earth shifts into the higher realms you will be required to comply with these laws too.