Love of Humanity, by Merlin and Lynn

At the time of the shift it is necessary to eliminate souls who do not improve.  On our Planet that would be 70%.  I own Planet Earth, Planet Heaven and Mars.  Most Planetary Owners do not have a separate planet for their Heaven. They have a partition.  That is why there are so many different […]

Spirituality as a trade, by Merlin and Utielle

Today I witnessed a man who is the head of a country wanting to tax spiritual people with what they should earn.  This is his feeble attempt to stop them.  He also has put out a list of who it is all right to steal from. Essentially anyone he does not like goes on this […]

Homeland not a way, by Merlin and his Council

Today there are Beings here who are in charge of the Quadrant our Universe exists in.  They have shown us the consequences of not bringing out disclosure.  First of all, the Military and Politicians who think they can stop the Planetary Shift and stop Disclosure, are committing Crimes Against Humanity.  At the time of the […]

NEW: Update on the Planetary Shift, by Lynn (Arzel & Azna)

At the time of the Planetary Shift each person and Being is given power to grow their Soul, Gaia and increase the natural protection around the Planet.  Unfortunately with our Planet there has been a dark angel who has not helped the masses on the Planet grow our energy. However the Kingdom has put many […]

Love today by Merlin and Lynn

Love is what conquers fear.  Hope for a peaceful ascension is what will help with this Planetary Ascension. I have seen all the difficulty my former wife Lynn MacKay has with corrupt politicians, spiritual groups and the Military.  Most of them have been corrupted by the  Bilderbergs, Mafia, ETS such as the Pleiadians, Anchars, Arcturians, […]

New God Titles

Today the Kingdom has announced new God titles: Lynn MacKay (Azna, Arzel) – God of Love, God of Understanding, God of all Spiritual and Religious Initiations / Designations, God of Retribution, God of War Mr. C – God of Interplanetary Awareness, God of Negotiation: Earth, Mars, Heaven, plus an input to Andromeda, God of War, […]

Love now just before the Planetary Shift, by Merlin

Today I have viewed my friend and former wife in her current life.  What I saw made me think of a time when my wife was pregnant with the future King Arthur.  People then were not any nicer than they are      today.  Our life together was given scrutiny by the Masons and Others. The Masons […]

20180822 -New -Update on the Arcturians, by Arzel

Last night Source and Andromeda went after the Arcturians.  A few minutes after I had spoken to Source, an Arcturian connected to me psychically and said they were going to take our Planet from us.  He bragged that he had our (Canadian and USA) military under his control. The problem in North America is that […]

Did you dream of a career like this one below, by Azna

Today Homeland Defense has dropped to a new low.  They took some devices off an alien ship which are meant to help people with eye injuries. Now these despicable agents are hurting the eyes of babies, children and adults.  Just when you think these punks can’t get any lower they are.  I want to address […]

The Hot Weather, by Azna

Today I am speaking through Arzel, your new Mother God.  She is replacing me as I further my career with the Elohim nation.  She has had lots of training with me from the Godhead.  She will soon start her treks to the Godhead to learn our programs here.  We will give you updates. She has […]