Love now just before the Planetary Shift, by Merlin

Today I have viewed my friend and former wife in her current life.  What I saw made me think of a time when my wife was pregnant with the future King Arthur.  People then were not any nicer than they are      today.  Our life together was given scrutiny by the Masons and Others. The Masons [...]

20180822 -New -Update on the Arcturians, by Arzel

Last night Source and Andromeda went after the Arcturians.  A few minutes after I had spoken to Source, an Arcturian connected to me psychically and said they were going to take our Planet from us.  He bragged that he had our (Canadian and USA) military under his control. The problem in North America is that [...]

Did you dream of a career like this one below, by Azna

Today Homeland Defense has dropped to a new low.  They took some devices off an alien ship which are meant to help people with eye injuries. Now these despicable agents are hurting the eyes of babies, children and adults.  Just when you think these punks can’t get any lower they are.  I want to address [...]

The Hot Weather, by Azna

Today I am speaking through Arzel, your new Mother God.  She is replacing me as I further my career with the Elohim nation.  She has had lots of training with me from the Godhead.  She will soon start her treks to the Godhead to learn our programs here.  We will give you updates. She has [...]

Love not hate of human kind, by Merlin

Today the Council and I noticed several well known philanthropists who plan on stealing money from the Prairies in Canada. They feel the land will become crucial if the United States is sunk. They plan on stealing money from the farmers and bankrupting them. There are Beings who are responsible for this Planet to make [...]

Patterning required now, by Arzel and Azna

Arzel and I have berated the intelligence agencies in Canada to do their jobs to a high standard.   When the devices that  caused mass fires were stolen from England, none of our intelligence agencies could do their job to recover them.  As a consequence there was a large fire in Fort McMurray, various fires in [...]

Memories of an easier time, by Azna and Arzel

Today Arzel (Lynn) saved the day and stopped the Pleiadians from installing a link in Heaven’s program.  She recognized a Homeland Agent pretending to be Head Source.  He had the face (overlay) of Head Source.  He however did not have his face on the Inside World.  His face belonged to a criminal who she knows [...]

What it will take for a peaceful transition, by Azna and Arzel

Today I would like to request all beings on the Planet consider this statement. Right now ET’s have access to our internet and television stations.  Imagine what you would think of us if you were them. There is order in the Universe.  There are laws governing the Planetary Shift of Planets.  The owner of the [...]

The future of our World, by Azna and Arzel

Today we wish to address the military in North America.  You are still being controlled by enhancement drugs by the Pleiades Star System.  These Beings have extraordinary abilities to control others.  Five years ago they attempted to kill every living thing in Canada, United States, Russia, France and Iran. Last year they started mass fires.  [...]

Update on the Lizards, by Azna -new Head of Source

Today I wish to address who I am now.  My new position is Source over Andromeda and the next galaxy to it.  The next galaxy has joined with Andromeda.  Andromeda is now double the size. My daughter (my person in life) is the head of Andromeda.  This is quite a big job now at the [...]