THE SHIFT, by Lynn and the Godhead

At the time of the Planetary Shift many things happen.  First of all the owner of the Planet or Mother God must come down to Earth in human form without any power.  She must earn her patterning  to become a God.  This is not an easy feat. Just before the Planetary Shift she must have a baby girl.  She must also get married at the God Head.  Heaven is another planet that was created a specific way.  Planet Earth is a classroom and at the end of our life we go up the tunnel to Heaven.  If asked we can  go to Heaven via  ET ships.  I  had to establish strong channels from here to there.  I have spent mega hours channeling and have created a huge pipe between myself and the God Head.  I am required to make arrangements for all our Beings on this Planet who will not survive the Planetary Shift.  I have 2 Planets where we can transfer Beings that will not survive the Shift. I need to keep everyone calm so you do not inadvertently start the shift.  There are Beings here now that can help us accomplish the Shift in a peaceful way.  A Homeland Commander ordered a hit against me about a month ago.  The Program in Heaven who helps to protect me, started the shift. In one hour there were only 3 million people left worldwide.  I was able to stop the Shift. What I noticed was that a lot of people who left were above the Planetary Being.  The reason they left was that the Shift was too fast  and too hard for their brains to handle. I believe our diet has a lot to do with this, but also these people were not spiritually strong enough.  The Beings who made man are here.  I asked them why there were so many psychopaths, sociopaths and dysfunctional people on the Planet.  They said that man needs to improve himself.  He was referring to a spiritual connection and emotional growth. Every person needs to address the mental, emotional and spiritual.  They need to get a connection between all three.

I have been made a God.  I am the God Of Love, the God of War, God of Oneness with All Beings, and God of all the Spiritual Ways (which means I am charge of all the spiritual and religious groups and designations on the Planet.)

I have accomplished my patterning, and soon I will have a baby daughter. This was accomplished by the same Beings who gave Mother God in Heaven two daughters, Ariel and Atriel. Now they hold the love resonance in Heaven.

I have many things to do for this Planet before the Shift.  I will be passing on more information soon.

Please calm down.  Start a spiritual path if you have not already.  Teachers will be there for you. My path was Huna, NLP, Druid, Buddhist, Sikh designation, Pearl Flower designation, connection with the Sun, Pele, Trees in the forests, animals, the little people of the forest, my many valued ET friends, rivers, oceans etc.  Basically I get oneness with everything.  Every living Being has a story.

Written by Lynn July 11, 2017

Update Sept 20/17 The Hathor civilization has officially arrived.  They had sent their protectors first.  The protectors and the Hathors are both called Hathors.  They are Earth’s official protectors now.

It is good the Hathor civilization has arrived.   They have technology to protect us.  It has been seen that there are masses of ET ships headed our way. They want our Planet.  I have asked politicians to put on a show for ETs who can access our internet.  North Korea answered my call.  The Kingdom asked all countries to put on a show.  Unfortunately President Trump used this as a way to gain some popularity with his military.  These beings who are in charge of our Planet have given United States their last warning.  They do not care if Trump wants to look good to his people.  They gave him a direct order.  Do not start any wars with Russia or Korea.

Another order to United States is to remove all the sanctions against both countries.