Status Update, by the Council in Heaven

1. We in Heaven, a Planet a wormhole away from Planet Earth agree with Putin’s comment on North Korea.

“Russia believes that the policy of putting pressure on Pyongyang to stop its nuclear missile program is misguided and futile,” Putin said in an article released Thursday by the Kremlin, ahead of the BRICS summit in Xiamen, China.

Once again the United States is the country responsible for the conflict with North Korea.  The Beings who are responsible for our Planet to ensure we do not go off course or blow ourselves up have given United States their last warning.  The message was directed to the United States Military, and in particular George Bush and the voting Bilderbergs.  The problem as we see it here. is that these people have created many crimes against humanity which gives them a patterning well below the Planetary Being. To have the ability to manage the military now you would  need to be a +6 – +8.  I will show you now who these people are:

George Bush – (-50 on the Ant computer and – 860 on the bottom level of the computer in Heaven)

Donald Trump -(+2 on the Lizard Computer and -600 on the bottom level of the program in Heaven.)

The programmers in Heaven are compiling a list of all the government leaders on Earth now. Many Leaders have taken initiations from the Lizards and the Ants. That results in them losing their human form.  That is how these Beings like the Lizards (which look like dough boys) are planning on taking our Planet from us. These leaders who have taken the Lizard initiations do look human still, however they are Lizards or Ants with full body overlays.

2. What you should not do is go after this Channeler.  I am her in life. For you who do not know I am Mother God.  This channeler Lynn MacKay is me in life.  I am required to come into life at the time of the Planetary Shift and earn this Planet for everyone on it.  I was born without my abilities.  I had to earn my power on Earth which I have now.  There are many rules for the Planetary Shift.  Lynn also has to have a  baby girl.  Ownership of our Planets go to women in our bloodline.  Lynn has earned God status herself now. When she returns here at the end of her life our soul energy will be split off.  There are many things that need to be done for the shift.  Lynn  also had to get married.  She was married in Heaven to Ronald Brook recently.  She and Ronald were both brought here by ET ship.  We had a Priest in life on Earth brought here and one witness in life from Earth. The Military need to put people in charge that can help Lynn and Ron with the Planetary Shift.  THE SHIFT WILL HAPPEN DECEMBER 2018.  The exact date in December 2018 has not been calculated yet.

Channeled by Lynn Sept 1, 2017

Note: Just before Atlantis was sunk these Beings who are responsible to make sure we do not destroy ourselves or send our Planet off course, gave the people of Atlantis their last warning,  They were using crystal power on the Planet as a weapon.  Crystal power is as dangerous as atomic energy.

Note: One warning sign of the sinking of a continent is mass flooding.