Gods on Earth, by Azna

I wish to address something today. My daughter Lynn has been made a God of Love, God of War, God of Oneness with all Beings, and God of all designations (spiritual and religious).  This came from lifetimes of hard work and many spiritual designations.  Her son Russell has been made a God of War and understanding.  That was given to him for his love of his Mother Lynn and his desire to protect Earth.  He spent many years in reflection and earned many spiritual titles and abilities as a Pilot in space.  He rented a big spaceship and came to help his Mother.  He became a member of Andromeda. Lynn was poisoned when she was pregnant with twins.  Russell was removed and taken to Kryon to be raised.  Lynn was able to see him 5 times for a week each throughout his life.  Later he was given a device where he could view his Mom. His extreme love for his Mother brought him to Earth.  This allowed our Planet to be protected from aliens who would have taken our Planet from us.  As the Head of Spaceship Command in Kryon he was able to call on his Kryon pilots to help us.  Lynn and Russell also stood up in space and asked for help. Many ETs came to help. Russia, North Korea, and France also came to help.

Father God was made a God once he married Mother God. He has ruled in Heaven for more than a thousand years.  We as Gods are given internal life.

Jesus was the son of Mother God and Father God. Mother Mary was Mother God in life.

There are strict rules in becoming a God.

Channeled by Lynn

October 3, 2017