Did your face get stolen by Lynn

There are alien devices in Canada that allows the Homeland Agency, the Mob, the Bildebergs and certain ETs to steal your face.  This is overlay technology by the Pleiadians. Every person has an electronic overlay for your whole body which gives you form.  Mostly what is stolen are the overlays for your face.  They especially go after people who have high patterning or vibration.  Once they have stolen your face overlay you will look a lot different and older.  When you look at the person who has stolen your face you will see that their face shape, texture, age is different from what they were before.  My face overlay has been stolen daily.  Sometimes they just steal my nose.  They  seem to like my high cheek bones and face shape.  With this device they can also add a lot of age. weight and wrinkles to your face.  The other big reason they do this is so that they do not look so evil.  A person who is constantly committing crimes against humanity start to look evil after a while.  Their face darkens and shrinks.  In some cases they look like evil little dark ETS.  There are many agencies and politicians who have taken Lizard, Ant and Denon initiations.  When they do this they become Lizards, Ants or Denons with a human overlay.  Everyone who has taken these initiations have been offered a way back to being human.  The reason ones who do not become human again is because they like the extreme strength, wealth or abilities.

As a God now I have asked these super beings that are here for the shift to remove all stolen overlays.  If you are one that has seen your face change dramatically at times you will all of a sudden look like your real self.  This will happen in a few days.  All stolen money and stolen  spiritual gifts will also be returned.