Update on the Pleiadians, by Mother God

Today the Pleiadians have stated their intention to steal our Planet from us. Many things have happened over the last few years to give them this false sense of their abilities to accomplish this.

First of all they got to our Military.  Today 85% of our Military in Canada have alien overlays.  What that means is they are no longer human.  They look human but they are not. 85% of our Military are being controlled by different alien races which wish to steal our Planet from us.We have Lizards which look like golden color dough boys.  We have Denons which look like little grays with a Chinese face.  We have Ants which are about 3 feet tall and are upright.  There are others too.  The Pleiadians are recruiting other civilizations to help them too.  Andromeda and many ET races are defending us in space and stopping these groups from coming to destroy us.

The Kingdom is calculating how many of the Military in the United States have become alien.  The estimate is 50%.

The next thing they did was get to our leaders.  Most are lizards.  We have reversed their initiations but these people just went back and got more initiations.  They like how strong they feel.

The Big Problem is that the Pleiadians have been let into our bases in Canada and the United States.  What I propose is that all the military install some technology to stop all these ETs that wish to steal our Planet from us from entering our bases and our intelligence offices.

The Council in Heaven is removing all the stolen overlays of people.  If someone has become a Lizard, Ant, Denon, then they will lose their human overlay.  It is important that people know who these beings are.  You must always get permission from the Council in Heaven before using the services of aliens.  The reason for that is because the Kingdom will make deals with them for their service.  They also know which ones not to deal with,

We have a plan to replace the corrupt alien Canadian military with Elohim leaders and soldiers.  The Elohim are the owners of this Planet.  At this time I do not have a plan for the United States.

In Surrey there is a Pleiadian overlay on top of Homeland Defense.  This enables them to tap into Homeland computers. Homeland Defense is also an overlay.  What is looks like is say Surrey Central Shopping Mall with an overlay which houses Homeland Defense.  On top of that is another overlay which houses the Pleiadians.

If you are wondering why there is a Kill Order against all Pleiadians here is one example:  During the time of Atlantis there was this huge crystal which was used for healing.  Unfortunately the Pleiadians were tapping into it somehow and using it as a weapon.  They were warned many times and when they did not stop, the  people who are in charge of our Planet to make sure we do not blow it up, sank it.  I have been able to travel back in time spiritually and speak to my person in that life time.  She said they were not able to stop the Pleiadians from using it as a weapon.  I believe what happened was that the Pleiadians from that time traveled to the future and brought back advanced technology.   As an owner of this Planet I have asked the Pleiadians many many times not to bring their technology to our Planet.  Lots of promises which were not kept. Their time is up on our Planet.

Note: When I refer to the military I include local police, RCMP, and all intelligence groups  and their officers and commanders, Seals, Army and Navy.

Channeled by Lynn 20171028