Update on the Egg Ships, by Lynn

Last night I took my dog for a walk about 730 pm.  I live in Surrey near City Hall.  I looked up in the sky and noticed an Egg Ship.  It was directly in front of me and about 100 feet up in the sky. This time it was an orange color.  It did not have on the special cloaking which gives it a white color on the inside world.

I asked for oneness with this egg ship.  The Being that answered me was looking for the Pleiadians. It asked me why their ships were shot down recently.  I replied that we knew they were coming to destroy us.  The Being was very surprised that we knew.  I ordered it to leave Earth.  An Andromeda ship arrived.  Putin’s people were also aware and were tracking them.  What I am wondering is this: Where were all the Canadian and American MilitaryHow many times do I need to show them that the Pleiadians are trying to take this Planet from us?  This egg ship has racks and racks of ET ships. Andromeda was prepared to shoot it down if it opened its hatch to release all the ships.  Now once again I will tell the Canadian Military that there is a Pleiadian overlay on top of Homeland Defense in SurreyAn overlay is another reality that has doors to our reality.  Homeland Defense is on an overlay above Surrey Central Mall.  The Pleiadians are on an overlay above the overlay that Homeland Defense is on.  That means the Pleiadians have access to Homeland Defense and their technology (atomic energy).  The Pleiadians also have an overlay to the whole of Surrey Central.  That means they are able to break into any home or apartment with ease.  One day I came home and as I entered my condo I saw a woman leaving through an alien door.  Needless to say I have experienced a lot of theft, even with my alarm system.  The agencies have devices to go in and out of this overlay.

Written by Lynn November 1, 2017

Note: I object to the name Homeland Defense.  The name implies they are protecting us. They are not.  They do not go after criminals or terrorists.  They go after people  who have worked hard in life and earned a high vibration. They in fact go after anyone with a high vibration, including babies and children.  These babies and children are attacked with atomic powered Pleiadian devices.  They mistakenly think they can stop this Planetary Shift.  People who have committed crimes against humanity is who they are working for. Their vibration is getting lower and lower daily.  Instead of being +10 which is needed at the time of the Planetary Shift they are now -400 – -600.  Soon our program in Heaven will release them and they will disappear.  No record of them will exist, nor will you have any memory of them.  The Kingdom has offered to move the human ones to a Prison Planet.  Planetary Owners require that they respect the Planetary Owner which they do not.  A prison planet is their only choice. Many of our Military have taken initiations from the Lizards, the Ants and the Denons.  They are now Charges of these groups.  When they take initiations from the Ants, Lizards or Denons their human body is consumed by these beings.  They end up becoming Lizards, Ants or Denons with a human overlay.  The Pleiadians were going to take some of the Homeland Agents to another Planet but when they looked into the future they saw their ship was full of Ants.  Overlays disappear once you leave Planet Earth.  They hate ants.