Before the Shift, by Godhead

There are procedures in place for the Planetary Shift.  The shift will happen December 2018.  The exact date in 2018 has not been calculated yet.

The first thing that is mandatory is the removal of all Beings that have hurt or threatened the Planetary Owner.  This Channeler Lynn MacKay is the Planetary owner.  Her spirit is Mother God.  She has earned her own God titles this lifetime.  Her halo is almost present for everyone to see.

The Lizards are leaving now.  All people who took lizard initiations will be leaving with them.  The lizards refer to them as their Charges.  I have been told the Planet they will be taken to is located in a far away galaxy.  They will have communities and you will retain your human overlay once you reach their Planet.  They will take you as seeds.  The procedure is quite painless. It feels like a light bop on the head.  Your physical form will be left here.  Your seed will be loaded on the Lizard Ships.  Once you reach this distant galaxy you will be given your form similar to what you have now.

These Enforcers will remove all people and beings who will not survive the Planetary Shift.  I do not have the dates or details yet.  To prepare for this role I have spent time on several Planets and have gone through this procedure (of being bopped on the head and my seed transported via an ET ship to another Planet).

Do not panic as all of you have gone through this before.

Channeled November 18, 2017