Update on the Eggships

Today I am receiving numerous reports by Andromeda of private citizens reporting Egg Ships and Pleiadian ships that are entering our atmosphere. We have teams of private citizens scouring the skies daily now. They have answered the call.

We are also looking for crew members for the new Earth Ships that have been given to me by another Planetary owner.  There are 5 of them in total. They are a mile long and  3/4 mile wide.  These ships are flown by the mind on the inside world.  Andromeda is testing people for them now.  You need to have an 8 and above in patterning.  You must show initiative and be able to think out of the box.  Experience as a Pilot is also a qualification but not necessary.

If you are interested put your application on the inside world with strong intention.  Put it on the inside world twice daily until you are notified.  You will be notified on the inside world and be given lessons on the inside world.  When Andromeda feels you are ready you will be brought to their ship for an interview.

Written by Lynn and Kryon Star Fleet and Andromeda Commander Russell December 27, 2017