Another Victory, by Russell – Andromeda Pilot and Head of Starship Command of Kryon

Last night we were victorious in the battle against many Pleiadian warships coming to Planet Earth to take our Planet from us. Their ships were fitted with their latest inventions that start  mass fires.  They have been experimenting with this invention all over North America for sometime now.  It was what started mass fires in our Okanagan and Northern BC that are being battled now.  These weapons were also used in Fort McMurray, Alberta and several areas in the United States.  We defeated all the Pleiadian warships that came our way.  The numbers were staggering.  So far the tally  is 3800 ships. None of ours were lost.

We had several countries helping us: the United States, Russia, Germany, France, North Korea and one ship from the Ukraine that had been recovered.

We also had many ET civilizations helping us: Source, Andromeda, Kryons, Hathors, Reptilian Royals, a Reptilian humanoid race from the next galaxy over, and 2 that did not wish to be named.

Kim Jong-un from North Korea was instrumental in battle strategy.  His previous life as Caesar afforded all of us well.

At first investigation we have narrowed down who was involved from our Planet.  There will be many arrests. None will get away with these atrocities, who decided they wanted to control this Planet by any means possible.

Written by Ronald and his son Commander and Chief of Star Fleet Command in Kryon and also an agent of Andromeda.

July 12, 2017

Jan 24, 2018 I have brought this article forward to remind people of the dangers of the Pleiadians. They were directly responsible for the sinking of Atlantis.  They were also responsible for fires in Alberta and BC.  These Beings who are responsible for our Planet were the ones who sank Atlantis.  I was there at this time and it was because the Pleiadians were using the Master crystal of Atlantis to torture others and as a war weapon. The people of Atlantis were not able to stop the Pleiadians. Lynn


Note: I have 2 twin sons called Ryan.  Ryan’s Dad calls them both Ryan where I call the son from Kryon Russell.  He likes the l’s with the love resonance. Lynn