Lizard ET Beings- Update by Lynn

A couple of days ago a Lizard Extraterrestrial appeared outside of my place. She was a multi colored Lizard Being around 5 feet tall.  She was pink with blues and taupe colors.  She told me the Lizards were here to help us eliminate masses of people on the Planet.  I told her to leave Planet Earth and not come back. I said I did not want to eliminate masses of people before the Shift.

The Lizards come to people of low vibration and offer them extreme strength and better looks.  The problem with all these gifts they offer you is that you  will need to do human sacrifices on others to maintain these gifts.

The Lizards have made a contract with a Fairy Being in England. She appeared at my home one night. This Fairy Being told me she was invoked with a ceremony.  I told her this woman who invoked her was not in charge of the Planet and did not have the authority to make a deal with her. Her charges are called Schits.  They appear to be a metallic metal round shaped being with little crab legs that sit on your ceiling.  They shoot poison at you.  You get a horrendous headache which puts you to sleep.  Once you are asleep a metallic tray comes at you and a black blanket.  These Schits hook on to the tray.  They go very fast.  I have been taken to England.  I ended up on a sacrifice pile wearing a red dress (which I do not own).  My grandson was lying beside me.  A true hero helped rescue me.  I have been told that the red dress indicated blood sacrifice.  He made a point of going to where these sacrifices were being held when he was in England and rescue as many victims as possible.  Generally the Lizards go for babies and young children.  I never met Mr. Rockefeller in physical life.  He however read my website and communicated with me telepathically.  The Kingdom told me he was murdered with an atomic attack to the heart.  I appreciate his extreme kindness.  There are many heroic men and women protecting children from these murderous lizards.

Written Jan 31, 2018

note: Many ET beings come to visit me.  They can see my Crown of Light, my halo plus my spiritual designations.