Update on Vancouver, by Mother God and Lynn

Since December 2015 Lynn and I have seen the destruction of Greater Vancouver as a vision on the inside realm.  We both saw a device that was fitted to an ET ship that could incinerate homes and start mass fires.  Lynn connected via telepathic channels to our Military.  She at first told Homeland Defense.  A Commander told her they do not protect Canada.  They hurt babies, children, adults, and dogs of high patterning.  They do not have telepathic abilities.  They have devices and technology to connect to you. We then connected to CSIS and RCMP Intelligence and gave them the same information.  My daughter regularly speaks to politicians around the Planet.  They all were told about this device.  She also found out it was a war weapon developed by English Military.  It seems none of the Intelligence Officers on the Planet were able to stop the Pleiadians from getting this device.   They now have it fitted on all their ET ships.  The fire in Fort McMurray was caused by this device fitted on an ET ship.

We have found out now why Beings wish to destroy Greater Vancouver.  My husband has a home in Vancouver.  These Beings know that Mother God is my Spirit and Ron is my husband. They also know the laws of the PLANETARY SHIFT. We also saw that the Pleiadians have installed an atomic plant under Vancouver.  To make matters worse they have wired incendiary devices in the city.  There are new Planetary laws for the whole universe regarding Planetary Shifts.  Only the Owners can be in charge of the Planet and make decisions regarding the Shift.  If an owner is killed or does not accomplish the Planetary Shift the Planet and all the beings on it will be killed and the Planet burnt to the ground.  The Planet will then be put up for auction.

Now an average person would wonder why our Military and Government is not doing anything about it. The Homeland team has an average patterning of minus 1000.  Every person on the Planet has an interactive chart in Heaven.  When your patterning gets to minus 1000 the Program keeps you in life only.  You no longer have intelligence.  You can not reason or see pathways.  Homeland has a Contract Killing Service.  Most of their agents are lizards.  Many babies, children and adults have been killed.  They use an atomic weapon to attack your heart.  The victim would appear to have suffered a heart attack.  The other thing they do is aim a Pleiadian device at you that can give you any disease.  They also add pathogens to it to make a person die faster.  Since they are lizards they are grabbing babies, children and adults off the street for sacrifice.  As for our other Agencies I do know we have officers who are doing their jobs.  They have saved many babies, children and adults from sacrifice.  They are our heroes.

We believe the next step is to get all Lizards out of Government offices, military offices and installations.  There are agents who did not take any ET initiations but which are extremely dangerous to all citizens.  Every military person  must be checked daily for their patterning.  If they are below the Planetary level they must be stopped from entering intelligence offices and military installations on this Planet and Mars.

Yesterday some Beings pretended to be Enforcers.  There is a copy of each persons interactive chart on the Planet.  It seems Homeland, the Pleiadians and these Beings who wish to take our Planet from us have figured out how to access the charts. They got all the people of low patterning on the Planet upset in the hopes that they would destroy me. They addressed all the people telepathically causing the problems on the Planet and gave them a judgment of death by fire or by a firing squad. The Homeland team decided they would drop a atomic bomb on the condo I live in presently.  (Homeland is not able to make logical decisions now.) Heaven and Andromeda were able to take if out of reality.

60 % of all Canadian military are not able to make logical decisions any longer.  Their patterning is too low now for them to do their job.  Many politicians in Canada have the same problem.

A collaboration of Mother God and Lynn Feb 4, 2017