I am a Commander and Chief of Planet Kryon.  I was also given the title of Commander in Charge of Military Operations of Andromeda.  I was raised on Kryon because some corrupt members of the Bilderbergs and other groups thought that if they eliminated me, they could take control of the Planet at the time of the Planetary Shift.  They did not count on the Interplanetary Laws on Planetary Shifts being changed five years ago now.

At the time of the Planetary Shift many things are done.  The military assisting with the Shift from Andromeda and other Planets have given their schedule of events necessary for the December 2018 Planetary Shift.

March 1 to May – all pipeline fittings will be tightened for their removal.  The pipes will be removed immediately.  Homes will be fitted with alternate energy sources.

Gas lines will be refitted.  Instead of gas lines you will have tanks fitted to your home.  You can unplug them.  At the time of the Shift they will be removed by the Program and then replaced afterwards.  Many communities will not survive.  The program will then replace them with small homes and town homes.  Some apartment buildings will survive.  Every person will be told what to do and be given a home after the shift.

The next important date is when pollution disappears. That will be the 10th of July.

September 1, 2018 People, animals and Beings will start their Planetary journey.  That is the date all will leave that will not survive the Planetary Shift.  Arrangements have been made for every person and Being.

Written by Ryan -Commander and Chief of Planet Kryon

Note: Russell is my son- I was poisoned when I was pregnant with twins.  Both sons were named Ryan. One son was taken to Kryon to be raised.  He has taken the name Russell now.  He likes the l resonance of the name. I got to visit him 5 times, for a week at a time. Lynn