Information on the Planetary Shift, by Lynn and Azna

Tonight I have seen the Military on the Planet, especially in North America having trouble doing their job.  85% of these men and women have low patterning.  Most  of our intelligence officers can not do their job.  A great majority of them took lizard initiations.  When a person takes a lizard initiation their form changes from human to looking like a lizard.  The lizards look similar to dough boys in shape.  There are different colors of lizards.  They are erect and approximately 6 feet tall.  Now to keep their human form they must sacrifice babies and children, or anyone of high vibration.  This they do once to twice a week on average.  What a person gets when they become a lizard is strength and new looks.  When a person is evil their looks deteriorate over time.  Homeland Defense agents do not protect any Americans.They torture and kill high patterning people in North America.  They torture anyone with high vibration whether it be a baby or an elderly person.  Consequently their patterning drops significantly.  Most are anywhere from minus 500 to minus 5000.  They have devices that show their patterning but now it only shows one digit.  When their patterning gets in the minuses they do not have intelligence.  They just reside on a port in the computer but do not have access to any of their former gifts or abilities.  These agents/agencies were told of this Intelligence Plug that would restore their intelligence.  What is actually does is enable the Lizards to control them.  The Lizards are also putting some “enhancement” formulas on their charts.  It actually limits their thoughts and enables them to be controlled.  For a while now I have been wondering why our military of low patterning can not follow through on tips of great importance.  One case in point is when I informed all the agencies in Canada and many in the USA of this device that would start mass fires and incinerate homes.  None of our military was able to recover this device.  As a consequence there were fires in Fort McMurray, the interior and northern areas of BC.  There were many areas of the United States too.  I informed Politicians as well.  I found it extremely frustrating that our agencies did not react to this.  I started calling them “the Duh boys”.  Another case in point was Malaysia Airlines flight 370.  They were unable to help with this.  What actually brought this plane down was an atomic fusion bomb.  When I told them that they said there was no such thing, but I noticed the American military was testing them sometime later.  I believe there was someone on the Plane who planned to expose someone.  These Lizards and Pleiadians plan to take our Planet from us.  What needs to be done is all Military that are not above the Planetary Being in patterning be fired.  All lizards need to be eliminated or incarcerated for the rest of their lives.

I just have one thing to say.  I heard Trumps remarks about Syria and chemical weapons.  Homeland Defense sends poison and diseases to people.  I think Trump and Trudeau should clean up the agencies in North America.  They are worse.  I also heard from the Kingdom that Russia did not poison their former agent and his daughter.  The formula used was not theirs.  The Kingdom said it was a government who wished to start a war. 

My daughter and I have a big job for the Planet.  Because the patterning of the military in North America is dangerously low, my daughter was advised to give them huge attitude.  Some Super Beings of high patterning said it would vibrate their brain cells.  These agencies are constantly listening to her and taping her.  They can not do their jobs.

Written 2018 04 15