A Revision is in order, By the former Honourable Pierre Trudeau

My son Justin has always wanted to follow in my footsteps since he was a young boy.  He however missed why I became Prime Minister.  To be a   Prime Minister high intelligence is required.  You must not be persuaded     to to abandon Christian values when asked to stand with another country.   You must always listen to other views than your own.  Mother God is in life now.  You know her as Lynn MacKay on this website.  It is her responsibility to prepare for the Planetary Shift.  At the time of the      Planetary Shift your actions are viewed here in Heaven.   To order an  attack against any citizen with silent military weapons is a crime against Humanity. My son has ordered many attacks against Mother God and       Lynn MacKay.  As a consequence his vibration or patterning as it is known now, is that of an imbecile.  He is an embarrassment to me and others here in Heaven.

There is a small group of beings who have a responsibility to make sure      that no one blows up this Planet or sends it out of orbit.  These Beings do    not answer to anyone.  It is also not known who these Beings are.  They do communicate with Mother God and Lynn once in a while.  They have a         small device similar to a laptop that they use to do their work.  They use complex programs to keep this Planet in order.  They have already       prepared to sink the United States as they have seen that their military will start a world war.  This war will cause the destruction of Planet Earth. They however have seen that this common girl will make a difference.

I suggest that you honor what you all agreed to when you took office as a politician.  My suggestion is to embrace the new Korea and welcome  them as friends and trade partners.  They have already proven their loyalty to this Planet and all the people and beings on it.  Kim Jong-un was instrumental in leading the battle against thousands of Pleiadian warships and Egg ships headed our way in  January with the intent of taking our Planet from us.    They had devices fitted to their ships to start mass fires.  They declared war against all the citizens of this Planet to Lynn MacKay,  the owner of this Planet.  She is also the head of Andromeda. This has become very serious.

Planet Earth is rising this year.  People who will not have high enough vibration or patterning must be taken to another Planet.

I will watch to see if my son listens to me.  I have decided not to come         back to life on Planet Earth.

Channeled April 28. 2018