Intelligence of all living things of high vibration (or patterning) by the Godhead and Lynn

What I have noticed on the Earth plane of existence is this:  Politicians and military people in charge of countries, have not realized the importance of high patterning or vibration in their daily lives.  Low patterning is why their politicians are failing at good trade deals.

Most importantly they have failed to protect their countries from the Lizards.  Some Prime Ministers have sold babies, children and adults to murderous lizards for sacrifice.  These lizards look like normal people as long as they are getting their weekly human sacrifice.  I myself was rescued from the sacrifice pile in England by Mr Rockefeller.  His reward was that he was killed by an atomic attack to the heart by these lizards for daring to rescue children and people from the sacrifice pile.

I have spoken to these lizards.  The newly converted military lizards say it is survival of the fittest. They have no morose.  The elite ones figure it is their right.  They are used to getting anything they want.  After speaking to them after “the Wedding” I was sickened by their attitude. I told all of them what a terrible death it is for these babies and toddlers. (Many have been returned to their beds after being killed.)  I got no remorse from these lizards.

I have been told of one way to remove all these murderous lizards by another Planetary Owner and return them to human form  permanently.  The Godhead is working on this.

What do you think they deserve?

Channeled May 22, 2018