The Miracle of Life, by the Godhead

There are many people including our Military who are still helping and promoting the Pleiadians.  At one time the Pleiadians had an elite group of warriors known as the Light Force.  They no longer exist.  They were the group that helped Lynn MacKay (this channeler) bring down light channels the size of large totem poles into the grids.  This helped stabilize our Planet. Now their Planet and people have been corrupted.

At the time of the Planetary Shift many beings come to either help with the Shift or attempt to take the Planet from the Owners.  Five years ago the laws regarding the Shift were changed by the Elders in  charge of our whole Galaxy.  Now you have to be a Planetary Owner at the Shift.  If the owner does not accomplish the Shift and all the requirements, the Planet is burnt down (including all inhabitants) and the Planet is put up for auction.

There are many who envisioned them self controlling the Planet.  Most of these men and women have created huge numbers of Crimes Against Humanity.  Consequently their patterning is minus 5000 and lower.  At the time of the Shift you need to be a plus 10 to survive.  There are ports for good living people who do not make 10 but are close.  The rest of the population will be moved off in preparation for the Shift.  This has just started.  Many Beings who are here felt they could influence people of extremely low patterning.  They found they could not.  In fact their patterning got lower.

Channeled May 22.2018