Update on the Volcano, by the Godhead and Lynn

Today I see the volcano is still raging in Hawaii.  We in the Godhead had hoped to be able to stop it.  Unfortunately Homeland Defense is still firing atomic weapons in North America at our high patterning people (of all ages from infants to the elderly).  When a Homeland agent fires atomic energy at a person it exists through their body into the earth.  What happens is this atomic energy creates fissures under the earth.  At the time of the Planetary Shift this is disastrous as the Planetary Being cannot flex.  It needs to flex or otherwise it will blow up.  This is apparent now how dangerous these fissures are.  I have told them many times-(actually daily).  These employees think they are Gods because they have atomic weapons. What they do not know is there are many inactive volcanoes in North America.  There is one in Greater Vancouver and others in Whistler.  It seems though that an active volcano is not necessary. On the Big Island of Hawaii the crater is not where the volcanic explosions are happening.

At the time of the Druids they monitored their politicians along with the commoners.  If a politician did not do a good job or was corrupt he was turfed out.  I would say that failure to protect its citizens from lizards and allowing Homeland Defense to operate in Canada is good reason to turf out Justin Trudeau.  In Canada, and especially in Surrey 65% of Homeland Defense are lizards.  That is an improvement as at one time it was 85%.  We have many protectors for our children but unfortunately they are still being snatched for sacrifice. I myself ended up on a sacrifice pile in England. I was saved by a very courageous man and some brave agents of another agency.  Kudos to those agents who are not afraid to stand up to the lizards.

Channeled May 23, 2018