Volcanos in Greater Vancouver BC, by Azna and Lynn

Today my daughter noticed in Hawaii blue methane gas burning near the erupting fissures.  She remembered that there is a large amount of methane gas running along the highway from West Vancouver to Whistler. It was a dangerous level a few years ago.  Lynn had some Beings help her diffuse this potentially dangerous situation.  Today the methane gas had built up again, although not at the same levels as before.  There is also another dangerous situation in the British Properties.  A lot of the gas lines coming down the mountain are leaking,  The Pleiadians gave her this knowledge.  To date it has not been fixed.  Finally I hear from some law enforcement in Vancouver that Little Mountain is actually a dormant volcano.  The Homeland Defense (do not defend anyone except themselves) group is still firing atomic weapons at people.  This creates fissures.  It could also set off very many dangerous situations in Greater Vancouver.  I have told them all daily how dangerous this is.  Their patterning is so low they are at moron level or imbeciles as the Honorable Pierre Trudeau calls low patterning people.  People in Canada have sat back and done nothing about this.  These Homeland people have stole houses, great sums of money and killed many people (including babies).

President Trump complains about Kim Jong-un having atomic weapons but he does not fire them at people like United States and Canada does.  This technology belongs to the United States and Homeland Defense.

Channeled May 25, 2018