Update on Hawaiian volcano eruption, by Commander Russell -Operations Head of Andromeda

Today I flew my Andromeda  spaceship over the Big Island of Hawaii.  We have been hovering over the Island for several hours.  What we have proof of is this: Homeland Defense is still firing atomic weapons over the volcano at people.   Our computers counted hundreds of attacks against people on the Big Island of Hawaii. It seems they are coming from the Big Island from a stand alone device.  These devices order attacks against people. In my opinion and those of my Team and the Head of all Universes (my new boss)  these atomic attacks are what is causing the volcanic eruptions.

Homeland Defense has been told many times in Canada and in United States how dangerous atomic attacks are to the Planet and especially at the time of the Planetary Shift.

Our next action will probably be the destruction of atomic power in United States and Canada.  The Beings in charge of all the Universe are here now.  All  the Sources report to them. This will be their order if these atomic weapons are not stopped.  These Beings see that Trump and Trudeau do not have any common sense.  They both wanted Korea to get rid of their atomic arsenal but they are still misusing atomic power.  There is another group of Beings who are in charge of our Planet who are watching and have threatened to sink United States and Eastern Canada.  These Beings are not known to us or Source.  Their job is to ensure that we do not  send our Planet off course of worse, blow it up.

Gods have been named. Some are still earning the patterning required.

My Mother Lynn MacKay has passed the tests of a God.  Her new name is Arzel.  You can connect to her just like you did to Azna.  Azna has been named the new Source over Andromeda and the the galaxy next to it.  Andromeda will be responsible for both areas.  My Mom, Lynn MacKay will also be responsible for both galaxies as her position as the Head of Andromeda. We do not have a new name for the two galaxies yet.

Channeled by Lynn while Russell is hovering over Hawaii

2018 06 12