Levels of Patterning in Life Now, by the Present Owner of the Universe we recide in

Today I viewed the overall perspective of this Planet.  What I saw did not surprise me, but it shocked the Beings who come to assist us with the Planetary Shift.  Here are the stats:

1-5 patterning  6 million people on this Planet

6-10 patterning  20 million patterning on this Planet.  This is the group that will remain here presently after the Shift. We feel that many of the 6 million people on the 1-5 level will grow in  patterning so they can also stay.

-1 to-300 patterning 100 million This category is mostly corrupt police and military.  Now once they no longer have access to atomic weapons and weaponry brought to this Planet by Beings who wish to steal our Planet from us, we see they will move into the top 2 groups.

-300 to -3000 patterning  This group of people belong mostly to new agency personal and evil people.  We do not have to be an exact figure for this yet.

-3000 -to  -5000 patterning This belongs mostly to our Homeland Team and other Agencies.

5000 – -6000  patterning  This is the level where demons reside.  Unfortunately many of our corrupt politicians and military agents reside here also.

-6000 + patterning  Many Politicians, Homeland and other agencies are at this level.

We have held off extinction after -2000.  The Pleiadian bottom level of the Program no longer exists. Very soon a decision will be made by the Owners and Creators of our two galaxies that Mother God and Lynn own and operate. Once you become Source you attain ownership of your galaxies.  We have downloaded those charts who exist below the Planetary energy level.

This knowledge will give you the opportunity to improve or not.  All Spirits on this Planet have been given this knowledge.  They have a tool to control their people on this Planet.  If the Souls want their life will be taken, but their soul will still exist.  It is their choice not the humans on Earth.  You will see many disappear.

This Shift has not been postponed.  It will still occur in December of this year. The removal of the gas and oil pipelines will be done by the computers in Heaven.  Rachel Notley your threats have been heard by the Beings in charge.  We are still proceeding when the computers have finished their work.

Channeled June 15, 2018