What difference patterning makes by Lynn MacKay

I have viewed the situation in Korea and Mexico.   What I see is this.  United States has politicians dealing with this that have too low patterning.  A person with high patterning would look at both situations differently.

All countries are given abundance energy by the Kingdom.  Every person is also given abundance energy for food and to support their family.

Now in the case of Mexico the United States politicians should inquire why these people are suffering.  They should ask the Kingdom.  They could also assist the Mexican President.

What I have seen is this:  There have been alien devices that allow someone to steel abundance energy from an area or a person, and credit cards that allow you to steal houses. You can use this same device to steal elections. There is also a program that is stealing money from people and countries. The people that have these devices target certain people and areas.

The latest theft these crooks are trying to bring in is theft by your vibration.

I have been targeted.  Several years ago I noticed that money was being removed from my account.  I paid off all my bills on the 1st of each month with the exception of my lease payment for my car.  I would put in my lease payment plus $40 or $50.  This payment came out on the 20th of each month. I would check each month just before the 20th.  I would never have enough.  My buffer was gone plus $20-30 more.  I was not making much at that time.  I could not figure out where it was going.  I started watching my bank account at night.  One night I saw 30 cents show up on my account.  There was nothing beside it saying what it was.  What happened then shocked me.   It went backwards and forwards in time with great speed.  I also heard on the inside world one well known business man talking to his employee about stealing this money.  He told him he should do it later in the night.  I have also had a problem with all my cards: debit and credit cards.  One morning none of them worked.  They all said incorrect pin.  I let the agencies know what was happening. One of my credit cards had the same pin as my debit card.  My debit card worked but not my credit card.  I replaced them all.

Another thing that has happened is a person would take out a mortgage and put a small amount down.  This same business man would then use an alien device to move it to another reality.  The problem is that when the person goes to sell it there is no paperwork.  Paperwork is being falsified.  Now I have let our agencies know what I see.  They have technology to prove it.  I do not.

The Kingdom has technology now in the Godhead that has started unwinding all the theft.

President Trump is you want to stop the Mexicans from crossing then perhaps you should get to the bottom of these thefts.  It would be a win win.  Your patterning would rise substantially.

As for Korea this demonstration was to stop the ETs who would like to take our Planet from us.  The former Secretary of State was told many times why Jin Jong Un was doing  atomic demonstrations.  The United States military, politicians and the press are causing big problems for this Planet.  These ETs that want our Planet all have access to our internet.  The American military, politicians and press are making it appear as though we are prime for takeover by them.  The American military is strong on the Planet but not in space.  Their ships are old technology and cannot help Andromeda when these ETs come with their warships to erase us all from reality.  I have asked them many times to stop this behavior..  Also Kim Jong un was instrumental in battle plans with Andromeda.  “Russell – Operations Manager of Andromeda: The battle in  January had thousands of battle ships headed our way. My Mom Lynn MacKay was able to project herself spiritually in space and ask for help.Many civilizations answered her call.  Jin Jong Un was instrumental in commanding a battle through my Mom’s channels into space.  Russia was there with their ships too.  France had one too. We had help from Kryon, where I was raised.  This was necessary because the Bilderbergs poisoned me in her womb.  My Mother is still being poisoned daily.  She has technology from an advanced race of Beings.  I have spoken many times to Trump, and Mike Pompeo.  The problem I find with them is their patterning is too low.  Their actions are those that someone would use 20 to 30 years ago. United States is bullying Korea and many other countries. Perhaps the G8 should put sanctions against United States for their bullying of Mexican children and families trying to find a better life since all their abundance has been stolen from them”.

Written June 20, 2018