Update on the Lizards, by Azna -new Head of Source

Today I wish to address who I am now.  My new position is Source over Andromeda and the next galaxy to it.  The next galaxy has joined with Andromeda.  Andromeda is now double the size. My daughter (my person in life) is the head of Andromeda.  This is quite a big job now at the time of the Planetary Shift.  She is also the new God in charge of Heaven and Earth.  She is the Owner of both Planets.  Mars is owned by Lynn and I. The Elohim Nation is here now and is in charge of Mars.  We have given notice to all earth nations on Mars to leave.  Your time is almost up.  If you do not leave we will evacuate you and your people out with a new device we have.  With this device we will drag your people and all your belongings to a Prison Planet in our galaxy.

The lizards are being addressed.  There are 2 types that are causing trouble.  The ones that are doing the sacrifices in an attempt to recruit and take over our Planet from us are being changed back to Humans.  This is being done at the Godhead.  The Royal Ones in England have been ordered off the Planet.  Their Beings are supposedly coming for them.  If they do not come all the Royals will get a taste of sacrifice.  They will all be executed.

More updates on the shift and our new Gods is coming.

Channeled by Azna