The future of our World, by Azna and Arzel

Today we wish to address the military in North America.  You are still being controlled by enhancement drugs by the Pleiades Star System.  These Beings have extraordinary abilities to control others.  Five years ago they attempted to kill every living thing in Canada, United States, Russia, France and Iran. Last year they started mass fires.  This year they are starting fires in North America. Generally, when another race of Beings that do not inhabit a Planet want it,  they kill off all the inhabitants.    More often than not it is done with fire. The Pleiadians have declared to us that they want our Planet. Corey Good carried the message to us. They have started burning it down in certain areas.  They convince people of low patterning that they are friends.  They convince them to kill people of high patterning by any means possible.  This last January the Pleiades came with approximately 3000 of their own warships fitted with the device created by British Intelligence to start mass fires. The technology had been modified to fit their ships.  With them came masses of smaller ships. They have gone around many galaxies drumming up help to take this Planet from us. Don’t forget how cunning they are and how good they are at subterfuge.  Now saying all that you should know they recently tried to send another satellite in orbit that would kill off all our military.  Our Military in the United States and Canada are still supporting them and hiding them from Andromeda.  There is a kill order against all Pleiadians.  This was not done lightly.  The Pleiades have caused damage to hundreds of Planets the same way they have us.  Because their patterning is so low they are constantly looking for new Planets of low vibration.

My daughter and I have jokingly called the Military “the Duh Boys”.  That is because they are unable to take action when any crisis arises.  In January when the large war loomed in space all countries were asked to participate to defend this Planet. The United States did not participate.  Neither did Canada. Neither did Germany.  Neither did Britain.  France and Russia did participate.  North Korea did participate.  Luckily for all the inhabitants my daughter Arzel (new God name for Lynn MacKay) has made many friends in space.  The Hathors and all their friends were there to protect us.  The Reptilian Royals fought for us too. We had many ships from Kryon to protect us.  This was a result of her son Russell MacKay who was raised on Planet Kryon because the Builder bergs poisoned him in his Mother’s womb.  My daughter Arzel (Lynn) is being poisoned by the Military in North America daily. Some super Beings of high patterning have been helping her. There are many super egos on this planet who envision themselves as being the Ruler of this Planet.  Luckily for all the inhabitants of this Planet, the laws regarding the Planetary Shift were changed 5 years ago. You must be the Owner at the time of the Shift.  She has many things to accomplish.  If she fails then this Planet will be burnt down and will then be auctioned off.  No one on this Planet would survive.  This may surprise you.

Channeled Friday July 6