What it will take for a peaceful transition, by Azna and Arzel

Today I would like to request all beings on the Planet consider this statement. Right now ET’s have access to our internet and television stations.  Imagine what you would think of us if you were them.

There is order in the Universe.  There are laws governing the Planetary Shift of Planets.  The owner of the Planet must earn her patterning (for a God at the time of the Planetary Shift).  If she does not, then the Planet is auctioned off after it is either burnt down or flooded.

There are also strict laws regarding the owner.  She must be the registered owner with the head of all Sources.  She must have spent her life here. No one can take over for her or control her.  If someone tries that, the people responsible will be executed.

She must get peace on the Planet. In the case of this Planet because Earth did not have a White Angel but a dark Angel over it, the people in charge have asked Arzel who is responsible for the wars and unrest.  She has given them the correct answer. They checked her answer by going into the future. They will accomplish peace with programs.

She must decide how she wants the Shift to happen.  Her choice was to let it happen naturally or have Professionals come and do the Shift successfully for us. She asked that the Planet be brought up at an even pace by these people and the Professionals manage this Planetary Shift. This was so people can survive it. This last year a new Homeland Boss gave a Kill Order for Lynn MacKay (Arzel). The program in Heaven started the Planetary Shift.  This was around 4 am.  Within an hour our Planet only had 10 million people left on it.  Our military was gone within minutes.  Even people above the Planetary Being disappeared.  When my daughter saw her twin brother and his family disappear, her sorrow was so great she was able to get the Program in Heaven to reverse it.  You would notice it as missing time.

Arzel must also find Planets for our population that will not survive the Shift due to their low patterning or vibration. She has done this.

She will have some more decisions to make for the Planetary Shift.

She must have a baby girl.  She is due soon.  She must be married.  This is to find a Father God.

She will be brought to Heaven along with her two contestants for God to participate in a meeting regarding this shift. Her team will also be invited.

There is one final thing she must do.  She must support the other Planets in our Andromeda galaxy militarily.  She was given several large warships with the latest stealth and light blocking technology.   Her son, Commander Ryan of Andromeda had rented one ship from Planet Kryon when he arrived in our galaxy.  He has now returned the rental as he is commanding one of the new ships.

Arzel is the owner of Heaven and Earth.  Azna and Arzel own Mars jointly.  Arzel (Lynn MacKay) is also the head of Andromeda.  It is a big job, especially at the time of the Planetary Shift. Her future husband will assist her.  She also has a team: Vladimir Putin (God in training),Nicolas Sarkozy, David Cameron, Ryan MacKay (God in training), Russell MacKay (God in training), plus the two contestants for God.  The Council will announce some new titles and 1 or 2 new Gods.

Written 20180710