Memories of an easier time, by Azna and Arzel

Today Arzel (Lynn) saved the day and stopped the Pleiadians from installing a link in Heaven’s program.  She recognized a Homeland Agent pretending to be Head Source.  He had the face (overlay) of Head Source.  He however did not have his face on the Inside World.  His face belonged to a criminal who she knows as John.  This man has many names and different faces from his access to different face overlays.  He even has a full body overlay of this large woman with long dark hair.  He has worked for CSIS and I heard there is a warrant out for him for espionage. Homeland Defense is run by criminals.  They do not follow Canadian law as they think they are above the law.  Head Source was there in the background unnoticed by John.  I have also noticed all the women who have my stolen face overlay.  It is shocking how disgusting these people are, stealing the looks of another person.  The Pleiadians have technology to steal your looks whenever they want and  unscrupulous criminals are using this technology. That is why certain news people are constantly changing their looks.

The Pleiadians declared war on us.  They want our Planet.  The military in the United States should wake up and not allow them anywhere in North America.  You could also blow up their underwater base off the west coast.  Andromeda would gladly help you do this.  The Pleiadians are using this new technology to change their looks to sneak into Homeland Defense. I spotted one the other day heading to Homeland.  He was about 5 feet 6 inches tall with medium hair to the shoulders.  When I walked by him I recognized the Pleiadian energy.  Law enforcement have been given small devices to aim at an individual.  It will show if the person is a Pleiadian.  I think we should eliminate the Pleiadians before they kill us.  Homeland Defense has a powerful device to kill people.  They tried to load it on to their computer system so all these young kids can go on a killing spree.  To these kids it is like playing Nintendo.  The problem with our military is that they are being controlled by enhancement drugs.  The Kingdom gets a cure and then the Pleiadians add a pathogen and change the formula.  The Pleiadians are sending alcohol and disease to children and adults.  When a person does not die fast enough they aim this Pleiadian device at them full time and add pathogens to the mix.

All people on the Planet should stand together and go after the Pleiadians.

July 12, 2018

Note:  Arzel (Lynn) can see to Heaven with her channels.  I can be sitting on my couch in Surrey and talk to many different people around the world and into space. I can see people in Heaven too.