Victory – a World Victory, writen by a group of Citizens

We were victorious last night in blowing up the Pleiadian underwater base and defeating all the rogue rag tag ships that came after us.  We estimate in the battle there were approximately 3,347 ET ships from the Pleiades colony.  A Pleiadian was captured in Surrey yesterday.  Upon interrogation  he spinned a large yarn stating the Pleiadians were ordered by the Bildbergs to go after the American and Canadian population and destroy them.  It seems we defeated them in time.  There were many civilian and military witnesses.  Arzel had all her channels open which made it possible for 300 people to view this.  Several heads of state viewed this battle.

We had ships from: Andromeda, Kryon, Arzel, Reptilian Royals, the Hathors, Russians, Korea, France, Great Britain, Elohim ships, Source ships, Sirius, United States, plus a group from the next galaxy over (friends of the Hathors) plus many members of Andromeda.  In all we had approximately 8000 large crafts, 80 crafts a mile long with the latest stealth and light blocking technology, 400 or so other craft.

We feel this is not the end of war ships coming our way to take our Planet from us.  We have new technology to aid us in defeating these war ships.

Written 20180713