The White House in United States is under attack by the Ant People, by Head Source

Today I have shown Arzel who is controlling the American Military at the  White House.  There is a colony of them under the White House grounds.      They are about 3 feet tall and are erect.  They have technology to control humans.  Your behavior has attracted many ETs who now feel they can take this Planet from you.  The Pleiadians are another group who are controlling you. They are putting enhancement drugs on all the charts of your Military and Politicians.They have garnered a copy of your charts from a Politician in exchange for their help.  This woman wanted to be President.  She has made a fool out of all of you, blaming everyone including Putin for her loss.  Her loss was caused by her intentions.  A group of Beings who are responsible for the security of this Planet tweaked reality to help you. They saw her intentions as did Arzel.

Arzel has a big job to clean up the mess created by the egotists who wanted to run this Planet.  I showed Homeland Defense in Surrey who the real owner of this Planet is.  It is written in Aramaic. It is Arzel (Lynn MacKay).  She also owns Heaven now and half of Mars.  I gave Azna, the new Source of this galaxy half ownership of Mars.  Arzel agreed to this as she needs help to manage Mars.

The Pleiadians are responsible for the fires in BC.

I have put an antidote on all the charts who have been given enhancement drugs and other chemicals to control the population in United States and Canada.

Written by the Head Source July 20, 2018