Patterning required now, by Arzel and Azna

Arzel and I have berated the intelligence agencies in Canada to do

their jobs to a high standard.   When the devices that  caused mass

fires were stolen from England, none of our intelligence agencies

could do their job to recover them.  As a consequence there was a

large fire in Fort McMurray, various fires in the Okanagan and

Northern areas of BC. These fires are continuing this year too.  It

seems that no matter how much information the intelligence agencies

are given they are unable to act on tips.  I started calling them

THE DUH BOYS.  The Pleiadians are still in Homeland Defense offices.

I walk by them daily.  There is a kill order against all Pleiadians by

Source and Andromeda.  The Pleiadians are responsible for the fires.

They have these fire starting devices and cloaking on all their ET ships.

I have told law enforcement groups repeatedly about the Pleiadians.

They may appear to be your friends.  They have devices that allow

these agents to steal looks from another person.  Essentially they are

stealing the electronic overlay which sits on your  electronic chart. All

your electronic charts were stolen and given to the Pleiadians by a

woman wanting to be President according to Head Source. For many

years now I wondered why my face kept changing. There is a Pleiadian

device that allows agents to steal your face or just part of it. The

Pleiadians have programming to allow a person to look good once their

patterning is -2 (- 2000). What this device does is take their soul

energy.  Your soul energy will not replace itself once this device takes

it.  The Pleiadians know that after all the energy is used up your soul

will cease to exist.  The person will then disappear from all reality.

That is not my definition of a friend.

Another thing some of these agents are doing is using the patterning

of their families.  When that happens young children do not have

the physical strength to fight disease.

People should think about this.

Note: The reason our agencies can not do their job is that the Pleiadians

are putting enhancement drugs on their interactive charts which stop

them.   They have also put cancer and other diseases on our charts.

July 31, 2018