Love not hate of human kind, by Merlin

Today the Council and I noticed several well known philanthropists who plan on stealing money from the Prairies in Canada. They feel the land will become crucial if the United States is sunk. They plan on stealing money from the farmers and bankrupting them.

There are Beings who are responsible for this Planet to make sure no one blows it up with atomic weapons or sends it out of orbit.  We do not know who they are.  They change their faces and location every time they communicate with us.  They are particularly concerned with the American military industrial complex.  In fact they were so concerned at the last Presidential election they tweaked reality to make sure that Hilary Clinton did not get in.  All the trauma she has heaped on the American people and Russia is for naught.  Now though her trauma makes it look like Americans are weak and could easily be invaded by extraterrestrials.  These Beings have access to our internet and news media.  They see that the US Military complex patterning is extremely low which equates to low intelligence.  We have noticed that the Pleiadians are still being supported by these philanthropists.

The Enforcers that are here for the Planetary Shift have commented that they have never seen so much corruption at the time of the Planetary Shift.

At the time of the Planetary Shift we should all be a PLUS 10.  If you are not then the Enforcers will remove you to a different Planet.  The Military in North America ranges from -1000 for new hires to -7000 for other agents. When you are below -1000 your ability to reason or learn new things is severely restricted.  Because of all the enhancement drugs on their interactive life chart, they are unable to take action against the Pleiadians or other groups that wish to take our Planet from us.  Most of them are still Lizards, even though the Kingdom has the ability to return them to human.  The Kingdom returns them to a Human. What happens then is that they take another Lizard initiation and become a Lizard again.   They look human as long as they partake in a human sacrifice once a week.  These lizards have killed thousands and thousands of babies, children, teenagers and even adults.  They like babies and children of high vibration or patterning the best.

The Druids have called all our Forces to defeat them.

Channeled 20180805