Did you dream of a career like this one below, by Azna

Today Homeland Defense has dropped to a new low.  They took some devices off an alien ship which are meant to help people with eye injuries.

Now these despicable agents are hurting the eyes of babies, children and adults.  Just when you think these punks can’t get any lower they are.  I want to address the parents of all these Homeland Agents. A good majority of  them are in their early twenties.  It is up to you to take action against your sons and daughters.  I know you did not teach them to steal, torture babies and children, but that is the reality of Homeland Defense.  Most of the good looking women are being turned into Prostitutes for the Mob. Parents you are responsible for your sons and daughters.  They also have devices to steal from people.  It could be food, books, jewelry,CDs, Sony Players, clothes like hoodies and sweaters, china, sterling silver things like nut crackers, money, your lottery tickets, your purses and wallets, expensive runners and  dress shoes, your car keys, your bills, receipts, or perhaps some tools from your garage.  Now what they are doing  is stalking, torturing and killing people, and dogs.

Two nights ago Homeland Defense brought in a Being from Mars.  I have heard it referred to as a digger.  They look a bit like a huge toy transformer.  Two nights ago about in the early morning there was one outside my condo.  It was really loud.  It was sent after me.  I had prior knowledge of this Being so I did not poke my head out to look at it.  Some ETs were able to remove it.  Another time I saw this huge snake slithering across 108th Ave in Surrey.  It was removed by some ETS.

Now the downside of sons and daughters in Homeland are this. The Planetary Shift is due to happen in December of this year.  Most of the agents have patterning or vibration of -3 which is -3000 to -8 which is minus 8000.  I have told them repeatedly what they are doing to themselves.  At the time of the Planetary Shift people that will not survive because their vibration is too low will need to removed from the Planet.  The problem is that other Planetary Owners will not accept our people  if their vibration is lower than -1000.  We had one Planet in mind for them but the owner of the Quadrant in Space refused us.

Another very large world problem is this.  We have far too many politicians and military who have patterning well below the Planetary Being.   Their actions are attracting ETS from other Planetary systems who have heard of us.

The Pleiadians have been playing our politicians and military by giving them technology.  Other ETS have shown them how to steal homes.  The Pleiadians are very devious.  They gave our Military and Politicians a device to steal your face, or even your whole body outlay. I have had people stealing my looks for years.  I could not figure it out at first until a kindly ET gave me my looks back.  They also steal your hair. The Pleiadians have given Homeland a device.  They are told this device will  will make them look good.  What this device does is steal from your soul in Heaven. Your soul can not recover from this.  Coupled with their low patterning what will happen is that your agent sons and daughters will disappear from all reality.  They will not exist anywhere.  Now the average person would realize that the Pleiadians are corrupt Beings, but your sons and daughters think they are their friends. This could have something to do with all the interactive drugs the Pleiadians are giving them.

August 13, 2018