20180822 -New -Update on the Arcturians, by Arzel

Last night Source and Andromeda went after the Arcturians.  A few

minutes after I had spoken to Source, an Arcturian connected to me

psychically and said they were going to take our Planet from us.  He

bragged that he had our (Canadian and USA) military under his control.

The problem in North America is that our Military, the Mafia and the

Bilderbergs have alien technology.  Because their patterning is too

low they are easily fooled by the Pleiadians and the Arcturians.  Both

the Pleiadians and Arcturians have stated their intention to take our

Planet from us.

Per Source – Azna:  We blew up approximately 25 Pleiadian warships

that were in space. The rest left at brake speed for the United States

as they have access to  their bases.  The Arcturians formed a different

group just outside Russian airspace.  Between the Russian Military

and Andromeda we drove them away from our Planet.  We had a

party of Source, Andromeda, Kryon, Hathor, Reptilian Royals, ship

belonging to Arzel piloted by her son Russell, friends of Hathors and

Arzel who did not wish to be named, waiting for the Arcturians at the

Great Divide in space.  In all we had 10 of the Large light blocking ships,

plus approximately 300 others.  We estimate that we blew up 5000 mid

and large warships belonging to the Arcturians and Pleiadians.  We had no

casualties.  Only the American military can tell us how many Pleiadian

and  Arcturian warships are hiding in their bases.

I believe the Arcturians are going after all large groups of low patterning

and making them big promises.  They promised one large criminal group

that they would take them to a Planet to live where they would survive

with their extremely low patterning.  They have promised the same to

some Homeland agents with extremely low patterning.  What they

were intending to do is to put them in the fire tubes for extinction.  They

have this device that looks like a small remote device that they just

have to aim at a person. Immediately the person is transported to the

fire tubes for extermination.  Before any group moves to an uninhabited

Planet, they must get permission from Quadrant Head. The Quadrant

Head is not allowing any low patterning groups (lower than -1000) to

travel anywhere in his quadrant, especially those who have created huge

crimes against humanity (like the Mob, Bilderberg group, terrorists).


What needs to be done: Shut down Homeland.  Collect all the ET hand

devices agents have to hurt people and animals.  Every Military person

who does not pass the patterning of at least +2 be fired.  Every

government leader who does not pass the patterning test also be fired and

that includes our Federal Cabinet.   We have the Elohim nation here

now who is ready to step in and replace our corrupt military and

Politicians.  The Elohims look like us and talk like us.  They are extremely

high patterning group.  They are known for not liking corruption.

Every Homeland agent who has killed babies, children and adults with

Alien technology need to be held accountable for their actions.  The

Politicians responsible for either creating Homeland or allowing it

to continue need to be held responsible.  The Kingdom has managed

to get most  of the Lizard initiations reversed.  Right now there is one

group in Ottawa left. These people that have taken lizard initiations and

are sacrificing children weekly need to be brought to justice.  Politicians

are not above the law.  Neither is law enforcement.

By Arzel and Azna 20180817

20180818 updated for some clarification

20180822 I was told by the head of our Quadrant in space, that during

the Presidential Election in the US  a woman wishing to become famous

and powerful sold our interactive charts to the Pleiadians and Arcturians.

Every person on the Planet has an interactive chart.  The Chart holds our

electronic overlays.  These overlays are what give your body shape and

definition. These overlays are what make every person unique. They also

are where your hair comes from.    For years now my looks keep

disappearing.  Many of my extraterrestrial friends send them back

to me. Sometimes I will have 3 different noses by lunch time.

There are also devices to put fat on you or send you deformities from

another person.  Every day I take my dog Rosie for a walk this criminal

sends fat to my legs.  This old man also steals looks from good looking

women to give his prostitutes.  I have abilities to see who is stealing my

looks or sending me poison or deformities. It seems these people think

that because they have atomic weapons and creation devices they can

control the population on Earth.  I have just seen that a virus is being sent

to people from this corrupt group in the US. This virus enables them to

control you.  They are also using IBOT technology which they can put

on your interactive chart.  We now have antidotes to  this technology

which are being put on your interactive charts in Heaven.  There are

2 sets of interactive charts: 1 in Heaven and 1 on Earth.