Love now just before the Planetary Shift, by Merlin

Today I have viewed my friend and former wife in her current life.  What I saw made me think of a time when my wife was pregnant with the future King Arthur.  People then were not any nicer than they are      today.  Our life together was given scrutiny by the Masons and Others.

The Masons since my time have always thought they were more important  and more knowledgeable than the common folk.

At the time of the Planetary Shift, your intelligence depends on whether you have learned things that have been shown to you, and whether you are a kind person.  Groups that have committed crimes against humanity are now having extreme problems.  They no longer can get information from the Godhead.  Nor can they “just know” what to do when a problem presents itself now.  Their reactions are based on what they would do prior to 2012.  This results in lower patterning then they have already.

At the time of the Planetary Shift your actions 30 years ago will not help you now.

My former wife Lynn MacKay is a very kind woman.  She has earned another God title.  She is known as Arzel now.  She however is Azna in life.  I  believe that her Prime Minister should start treating her with respect.

Channeled by Merlin 20180904