Disease and Infection, by Arzel (Lynn Mackay)

Today I saw an article about infection and Alzheimer disease. I believe there is a connection.

My ex husband Russell MacKay was sick with esophagus cancer.  When I found out I had some ET friends help him.  My special ET friends with all the technology had returned to their home.  These special friends consulted with these other ETs.  They were told how to drain the poison from his body.  It was felt that once the poison was gone my special friends would be back with a cure for the esophagus cancer.   Unfortunately the Pleiadians noticed the the poison was leaving.  The Pleiadians then added pathogens to the esophagus cancer and with their device aimed esophagus cancer at him full time.  Russell unfortunately did  not last much longer.

The Pleiadians and others are aiming cancer at people with this Pleiadians device.  Unfortunately Homeland Defense, who does not defend anyone other than themselves also have these devices.

The Pleiadians have devices to steal your looks.  I have noticed some news anchors and weather announcers with my stolen overlays.  I also heard some of these women agree to steal my overlay.  Most of these women are prostitutes.  I can say this for certainty because I have heard them talking about it on the inside world.  They can also steal your hair.  This technology should be banned.  To steal someones looks is a huge crime against humanity.  They also steal your pheromones.  That is so they smell good.  That is something that disappears once your patterning or vibration is too low.  Every person has an interactive chart which has electronic overlays attached to it.  These charts have an electronic signature of your physical looks.  They can steal your face form and your cheekbones, nose, chin, etc.  My overlay has been stolen for many years.  I am a vegetarian plus I do not drink alcohol nor do I take drugs.  I have taken vitamins for years that were prescribed by a doctor.  I also have very high patterning.   What I am saying is that my looks did not disappear by my own actions. My ET friends have been returning my looks.  I can see now who is stealing them with Pleiadian and Sirian  ET technology.  They also steal my energy daily with these devices.

I know there are many people out there who have experienced the same thing.  Be assured this reign of terror will soon be over!