Love today by Merlin and Lynn

Love is what conquers fear.  Hope for a peaceful ascension is what will help with this Planetary Ascension.

I have seen all the difficulty my former wife Lynn MacKay has with corrupt politicians, spiritual groups and the Military.  Most of them have been corrupted by the  Bilderbergs, Mafia, ETS such as the Pleiadians, Anchars, Arcturians, and Beings who are pretending to be the Enforcers ,Source, and Elohims, using overlay ET technology to steal your looks and even your total form.  (They can even steal your smell.) Most commoners are unable to tell the difference.  My former wife Lynn has certain abilities so she can tell the difference.   My former wife Lynn owns Planet Earth, Planet Heaven and Mars.    These Planets are highly sought after. Most Planetary Beings do not have a separate Planet for their Heaven.  Most have a partition on their Planet.

We the Councillors in the Godhead and the new Gods for Planet Earth     are working on the Planetary Shift.  People who have patterning below the Planetary Being are going to be moved to a different reality.  Some will not survive as their patterning (vibration) is too low.  People who have created crimes against humanity are being dealt with first.

There is one criteria with being given a port in Heaven. This will allow a person to stay in life after the Shift even though their vibration is too low. The criteria is their actions in the future.  Technology to see the new lifeline after the Planetary Shift for individuals has been installed in Heavens programs.

October 30, 2018

Clarification: The people who will not survive with patterning below the Planetary Being are those who have used up all their soul energy. The Pleiadians gave our Military, movie stars, Mafia and others these devices to make them look like they did when they were young.  Unfortunately these devices steal their soul energy.