NEW: Update on the Planetary Shift, by Lynn (Arzel & Azna)

At the time of the Planetary Shift each person and Being is given power to grow their Soul, Gaia and increase the natural protection around the Planet.  Unfortunately with our Planet there has been a dark angel who has not helped the masses on the Planet grow our energy. However the Kingdom has put many lessons on our interactive chart to grow our patterning.

Every Soul has been given many lifetimes to improve. It is expected that we would reach a +10 in  patterning by this time of the Planetary Shift.

There are many ET civilizations here at this time of our Planetary Shift.  Many have infiltrated our Military to cause trouble and lower their patterning.  One such race was the Lizards.  They came and offered power to our Military, Politicians, Bilderbergs, and Hollywood actors.  They said they just needed to take an initiation.  That involved sacrificing babies, children and people of high patterning. As it turned out it was not necessary to do weekly sacrifices, although most did.  There was this Being that looked like a fairy queen who was invoked by some Royals.  She had these creatures called Schits who came into your home and shot poisonous arrows at people with high vibration. This gave a person a violent headache. When they closed their eyes a black blanket was dropped on them.  Next thing was these Schits came with a metal tray and these small circular Beings with what looked like crab legs attached to the metal tray with the person on it. I myself was taken by these Beings to England.  I ended up on a sacrifice pile wearing a red dress which denotes blood sacrifice.  Luckily for me Mr Rockefeller saw me and I was rescued and brought back to Canada.  I spoke to this Fairy Queen.  I informed her that I was the Owner, not the Royals and demanded she leave at once.  They said they were helping our Planet get rid of the masses.

It is known by all the Planetary Owners that at the time of the Planetary Shift every interactive chart is analyzed. A person needs to be a +1o to stay on this Planet after the Shift.  Hard choices are made by the Higher Patterning Beings that come at the time of the Shift.  Gods and Planetary owners of the Planet that is Shifting do not decide who stays and who  goes.  Some are taken to other planets while others of extremely low patterning are eliminated.  The owners of the Quadrants in space have stated they will not allow any spirit or seed lower than -1000 to go into space.  There is a program that has been loaded on to the Computers in Heaven that can see how a person progresses.  If these Super Beings notice a big change upward then they can allow a person to stay of lower patterning.

Because of all the corruption on the Planet an interactive program has been installed in Heaven.  It will give you directions on your planned actions.  Failure to follow them can be detrimental to you.  The program is evaluating the charts now.

Unfortunately many intelligence agencies and criminal organizations have been recruiting.  They offer huge paychecks, stolen looks and stolen homes.  Most of these people are psychopaths or sociopaths.  I have heard they are recruiting at Universities.  They are ruining the lives of these students.

This Planetary Shift is supposed to happen at the end of this year.  Many groups are attempting to stop this shift. A year and half ago a new Commander put a hit on me.  This was done in the middle of the night.  The program in Heaven started the Shift.  I was shocked how fast it was.  It got rid of everyone that was not a +10.  I was able to reverse it because I am the Owner of this Planet.  I need people to cooperate with me and my team.  Otherwise the Planet herself could start the Shift again.  You will all be given opportunities to grow your vibration. The Planetary Being can also start the Shift.  Shifts are planned and affect other Planets.

Note: It seems that the Beings in charge of our Planetary Shift think it is all right to not tell us the exact date of the Shift.  It appears to me that it a year to two off.  However as we are part of a larger timetable for Andromeda, I would not count on it.  Mother Gaia can start the shift as can the Program in Heaven if it thinks I or my baby are in extreme danger.  There are a group of Beings who are in charge of our Planet.  Their job is to make sure no one blows the Planet up or sends it out of orbit.  They have sunk many continents before.  They sank Atlantis because they felt that the Pleiadians (who were on Planet Earth at this time) would blow up another Planet. Source has given contracts to many Beings to stay on Planets until the Planetary Shift.  The Pleiadians figured out how to misuse crystal power and aim it at another Planet.  It is similar to firing an atomic weapon.  The United States has been warned to stop going after Russia and Korea.  It is their opinion that the United States are bullies. They in particular do not like Hilary Clinton.  They tweaked reality to make sure she was not elected. These beings have something that looks like an Ipad.  They have programming to keep all the Countries in the world from moving around.  They have started to remove the programming for United States.  According to these Beings it would only take a couple of hours at most to start the process to sink the United States.  These Beings also do not want the United States in charge.  They feel at this time of the Planetary Shift we all need to be at oneness.

Some Beings came this year and attempted to remove Great Britain.  There is a civilization beneath Great Britain.  They were caught by Andromeda and stopped.

Updated 20181130