Homeland not a way, by Merlin and his Council

Today there are Beings here who are in charge of the Quadrant our Universe exists in.  They have shown us the consequences of not bringing out disclosure.  First of all, the Military and Politicians who think they can stop the Planetary Shift and stop Disclosure, are committing Crimes Against Humanity.  At the time of the Planetary Shift “ALL BEINGS WHO COMMIT  CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY” are subject to Punishments not seen before on this Planet. They include soul annihilation plus removal of all seeds of the group they belong to.

Homeland Defense has been committing huge crimes against Humanity. This has included human sacrifice, torture of people of high vibration with alien devices and atomic powered devices. They go after babies, children, teenagers, adults plus their animal pets.  They have broken her (Lynn) leg and smashed her kneecaps with this atomic powered technology. She has been given some help with alien technology.  She has been spotted daily by Surrey City Hall walking her dog and dragging her right leg.  She is also seen with her crown of light and her big belly.  Her unborn daughter is getting ready to come out.

Channeled 2018-12-08