Spirituality as a trade, by Merlin and Utielle

Today I witnessed a man who is the head of a country wanting to tax spiritual people with what they should earn.  This is his feeble attempt to stop them.  He also has put out a list of who it is all right to steal from. Essentially anyone he does not like goes on this list. The spiritual people have caught two groups of people who are stealing billions of dollars from around the world.  These two groups are people in power, family and friends.  They steal from banks, countries and private citizens.  They are using alien technology and computers to do this.

This channeler has not charged anyone to read this website.  If she was made to however; politicians and military people would incur the most charges.

This website is for all to read.  It is the Kingdom’s way of communication us on the earth plane.   We will not charge for this.

This Politician will find himself off the Planet soon as his patterning is -11000.  The Planetary Being is slowly rising but it is expected she will take a rather large jump soon.

Channeled by Lynn