Love of Humanity by Merlin and Lynn Update

There is corruption on the Earth Plane never seen before.  Right now approximately 70% of all Beings are corrupt with patterning in the minuses. At the time of the Planetary Shift, your patterning should be a +10.  Each person has been given many life times.  Each life had many lessons. People who have earned spiritual designations from previous lifetimes will see they are here for them now.

Most Planetary owners do not have a separate Planets for their Heaven.  They have a partition.  That is one reason why there are so many civilizations here at this time of the Planetary Shift.  There were new laws passed 3 years ago by the Owners of the Quadrants in Space. No Being can go into any of these quadrants if their patterning is lower than -1000.

Today it was seen how corrupt all these groups are.  The Pleiadians have been helping them  change their interactive charts, steal looks and money from your past plus many many other crimes. I spoke to Utielle a few days ago.  Utielle is one of Azna’s lifetimes.  She was Merlin’s wife.  She said something interesting.  The Druids had trouble with the Pleiadians in her life.   The Pleiadians used their technology to steal peoples looks.  This included their face shape, nose, chin and even their hair.  I suppose if you are a Military person, a Mobster, a Bilderberg and were not blessed with good looks, you would like this technology.  People who have created evil actions generally lose their looks after a while. The Pleiadians have caused problems for thousands of years.  Even though Andromeda has a kill order against all Pleiadians, the Us and Canadian military still have them in their intelligence offices and bases.  I believe the Pleiadians are still putting chemicals on their interactive charts to control them.  It is amazing to me how these Homeland Agents think they are their friends.  I mimic the agents and say “come on in so you can kill us.”  They still do not get it.  With any employer, if you can not do your job you get fired.  I believe the Military should be required to have a patterning of +6 to keep their jobs.  -6000- -10000 should be grounds for immediate dismissal.  Our politicians should also be required to have a +6 as well.

I have been poisoned with Pleiadian technology for many years. They have sent poison to my insides that come out in my poop.  Fortunately for me, I have some Beings helping me.  Lately, they (the Pleiadians and Homeland defense) have sent poison to the back of my head. resulting in all these bumps.

There was a group of Pleiadians called “The Light Force”.  They were good Beings.  According to my sources, they were killed. The Light Force helped me bring crystalline energy into the Planetary Grids in 2009.  Some countries would not allow us to land. We went around by ET ship at night.  The Lightforce would land at a location and I would bring in crystalline energy the size of totem poles and longer into the  Planetary Grids through my channels.  The Lightforce had the technology to secure these crystalline poles into the grids on the Planet.  My information on this website under Pleiadians is from the Light Force. These crystalline poles helped the energy in these countries. They also stopped earthquakes.  I brought in a lot of poles to Greater Vancouver myself.  At that time the Kingdom saw that Whistler town would suffer a catastrophe and sink.  The expected earthquake along the west coast also did not materialize.  I need to bring in a lot more starting with Masset, Queen Charlottes.  Our Spiritual people help with many things on the Planet.  Unfortunately, a lot of politicians target them.