Today I have intercepted a final warning to all Americans and Canadians living in United States and Eastern Canada.  The Super Beings who are responsible to ensure that no one blows up our Planet or sends it off course have given the United States Military, United States Politicians, Canadian Military and Canadian Politicians their final edict.  It seems that American politicians feel they have the right to bully and impose sanctions against other countries.  They are committing crimes against humanity and they are also interfering with the Planetary Shift.  There are no checks against corrupt Politicians.  Some Politicians have found a way to sacrifice babies, children and even adults with Lizard technology.  The Kingdom, many ETs and myself thought we stopped it.  It seems they have some hand held devices now.  These will soon be removed from reality.  The Parties are responsible for the actions of their Politicians.  If these Super Beings take final action against the US and Canadian Military they will sink both countries.  The programming to do this is almost done.  I have worked very hard to prevent this.  I was able to bring Kim Jong-hun out to the world.  The problem as I see it is that when a country is being picked on, the leaders take it personally.  The fact is that certain US political representatives are Bullies. 

If these Super Beings sink the US  and Eastern Canada, all people these Beings feel are responsible, will be tagged to the land and sank. It would not matter where they are at the time. Angels and people of Light will lead our people across to Heaven.  They however will not let people into Heaven who have patterning below the Planetary Being.

I had an experience years ago. It was a beautiful sunny day and I felt joyful.  I walked to an outdoor concert.  I believe if was Reggae.  I was standing there in the crowd feeling very joyful when all of a sudden I shot up a 100 feet in the air.  I could see my body below me.  All of my emotions and memories were with me 100 feet in the air.  I thought about my life and listened to the music 100 feet in the air.  That me 100 feet in the air was my Spirit.  That is the you who will cross to Heaven at the time of the sinking.  You will not feel any pain.  I have experienced this before in a previous lifetime. This lifetime was in Atlantis. We had this huge crystal that we used for healing.  Unfortunately the Pleiadians were there as well.  They were tapping into the crystal and using it as a weapon.  The Pleiadians were warned to stop but they refused.  The people from Atlantis were unable to stop them.  We thought they had gone forward in time and brought back technology to do this. These Super Beings saw that they would blow up a Planet they were warring with, so they sunk Atlantis.  The Pleiadians have caused many problems for centuries.  They are here now doing the same thing.  There is a Kill Order against all Pleiadians by Andromeda.  The Beings who are in charge of the quadrants in space will not allow any Being lower than -1000 to travel into space.  They now have technology to scan ET ships from the future.  Essentially these Beings are forcing Planetary Owners to deal with the Pleiadians and other Beings who have and are causing problems for the masses.  Homeland Defense have been given devices to check their patterning.  Unfortunately the display is a single digit.  When the agents see – 3 they think they are all right.  What they are actually seeing is -3000.  You need to be a -1000 for the Enforcers to remove you to another Planet at the time of the Planetary Shift. You need to be a +10 to stay here.  Every person has many lessons loaded on to their life charts.  Every Spirit has been working on this for many lifetimes.

Channeled Jan 29, 2019

Update: Source is a Being who has controlled where ET civilizations reside. He/she has allowed many different races of Beings to exist on the Pleiades Star System.  One such race is the Light Force.  People from other Planetary Beings referred to them as the Pleiadian Light Force.  The Light Force Beings are not Pleiadians and do not reside anywhere in the Pleiades now.  It is the same here on Planet Earth.  We have many different ET civilizations living here.  Some of these ETs walk among us and others live below this Planet.  20190314 updated