Source is the head of all the galaxies known to man and the Beings here. He has allowed many different races of Beings to exist on the Pleiades Star System.  One such race is the Light Force.  People from other Planetary Beings referred to them as the Pleiadian Light Force.  The Light Force Beings are not Pleiadians and do not reside anywhere in the Pleiades now.  It is the same here on Planet Earth.  We have many different ET civilizations living here.  Some of these ETs walk among us and others live under this Planet.  The Pleiadians have developed technology to control others and to take other Planetary Beings from their owners.  They are cunning how they do this.  They go to the people and groups on the Planet of low patterning (vibration).  They then offer them technology and show them how to control others. One of their ways is to steal the Planetary owners looks.  They accomplish this by stealing their electronic overlay which gives a person their looks. They start with their face.  They overlay their face on to one of their friends of low patterning. I have had this happen to me for many years.  Every once in a while a friendly ET will return my facial electronic overlay to me.  I then look like myself once again. The people who keep stealing my looks are Homeland Defense. the Mobsters who steal them for all their prostitutes, Bilderbergs, Government officials and leaders.  These people are also stealing abilities and body parts.  If their knees are shot due to prolonged misuse they can steal your knee parts with alien technology.  Homeland broke my right leg with alien technology and removed ligaments. I have trouble walking.  Mostly I drag my right leg.  They also have been poisoning me daily which comes out in my poop.  It has a strong chemical smell. The reason I am still alive is that I have eternal life on my life chart in Heaven.  I also have some ET friends who have been helping me.  These monsters want to own this Planet and control it.  There are very specific laws regarding the Planetary Shift.  I have accomplished the patterning required for the Planetary Shift.  Owners of Planets at the time of the Shift have to come down in life and earn the patterning required. I am the Planetary Owner of Earth, Mars, and Heaven along with the Elohim Nation. The Planet cannot be stolen.  Owners who do not earn the patterning required will see their earth plane destroyed and everything on it destroyed as well. Their Planet will then be put up for auction.  Spirits who have come into life from Heaven have all promised to help with the Planetary Shift.  They promised to grow their patterning for their Soul and Gaia. If people did this it would result in natural protection around our Planet.

Written by Lynn MacKay (God name Arzel) Owner of Planet Earth and the Elohim Nation.