I have been learned quite a lot recently about how the Kingdom operates.  I have advised the politicians and spiritual people via telepathic communication and this website.

I informed politicians in North America of why there was a Kill Order against all Pleiadians.  They are humanoids but not the nicest of Beings.  Yesterday I found out why there are so many corrupt military and politicians.  Everyone has an energetic life chart which measures their actions on the Planet.  At the time of the Planetary Shift, your patterning should be a plus 10. You have all had many lifetimes to prepare for this.  Our military is miserably below this.  Their range is -1000 to -100000.

We also import seedlings of light from other Planets to Heaven. Now, these souls are required to be a plus 3.  They have classifications of seedlings.  One is the military.  I discovered this week that the Pleiadians have the technology to change the patterning shown on some of the devices measuring patterning. It is obvious that the Pleiadians have been causing trouble for many years.  They infiltrated Source with their technology.  It was recently discovered and now we are in the process of hiring the new Source and Source agents.  What this means to us is  70% of our people would not survive if the Planetary Shift happened today.  The Kingdom got the military seedlings of Light from Source which had been infiltrated by the Pleiadians.  I have this ability to see who someone is.  I can see beyond an overlay.  I have caught the Pleiadians many times.  Now we know why there are so many corrupt militaries (local police, intelligence officers etc). 

The Pleiadians have been attempting to steal this Planet from us for many many years.  They have many different plays.   The problem is that our intelligence officers have too low patterning. They are also being controlled with technology.  I have informed them many times that they are being controlled.  They are controlled by chemicals put on their life chart copy.

I am working on a cure.

Written by Lynn MacKay 20190323