Yesterday I was shown how important it is to get all our People working together.  Originally, I was given information on the Planetary Shift but these agents from Mars erased my memory during transport back to Planet Earth.  I have been supported physically by a group of Beings on Mars. Since that time many things have happened.  Azna has been given another assignment by the Elohims.  She no longer resides in Heaven.  Nor does Father God. For now, when you pray to Mother God or Father God you will connect with one of the Council or people in the Godhead.  They talk through this device which makes it appear you are actually talking to Mother God or Father God. When a new God is chosen many things happen. First of all many Gods descend to witness and also challenge the new God.  One of the women Gods attempted to steal my new God Looks.  She was escorted from Heaven.  Yesterday another God tried to steal this Planet by attempting to kill me.  He was unsuccessful.   The stakes are very high now.  This is because of all these ETs that want this Planet, Heaven (another Planet) and Mars.  All the Planetary laws were changed about 4-5 years ago.  Under the new laws, only the Planetary owners can become a God and replace Azna.  There are many Beings challenging these new laws. A weather girl thought she could steal my looks and become the new God over this Planet.  Fortunately, she did not have the correct lineage or developed abilities. The Pleiadians have the technology to steal one’s identity and life plan.  Luckily for all of us, she was not successful. I have protection on my life chart. She is one of the Devils people. She has stolen my looks for many years. Other people (mostly politicians) will steal my nose.  I get my looks back. The reason this theft happens is that a Pleiadian (with technology to look like an Elohim) was able to get into the God Head and steal a part from my interactive chart. In fact, the Pleiadians had copies of my looks copied for the Mob’s hookers.  I have spoken to these women but they do not understand how it puts everyone’s life in danger.  They also want to look like a Goddess.  The other reason they steal my looks is to get a hit of my energy. When a person steals what is on another’s life chart or hurts others with alien technology. their patterning takes a dive.  It will eventually make them look old and haggard.

My baby is ready to be born.  She is a transitional baby.  She is taken in and out of me throughout the day by these highly skilled Beings.  Having this child is one criteria of the Shift.  This Weather Girl tried to have the Pleiadians steal my baby but was told it by the Pleiadians it was not possible to steal a Transitional Baby.  A lot of the Bilderbergs envisioned themselves as the new Christ.

Also once my baby is born I will receive a new body and new looks. 

Written March 24, 2019