The Planetary Shift, by Lynn

There is something about to happen.  Before the Planetary Shift Super Beings (Enforcers) come down and remove all people of low vibration.  The first ones to go are all the employees of Homeland Defense in Canada.  That is because they torture people of high vibration with weapons powered by atomic energy and there is also a Lizard group in Homeland who sacrifices babies and children.  Homeland Defense is not here to protect Canadians unless your vibration is below -1000.  They protect their own and passed a law that none of them can be tortured, no matter what crimes they have committed.  These people are psychopaths and sociopaths.  They are mass murderers.  I do not know where the Enforcers are taking them.

The next groups are the Mob and  Mob prostitutes.  The Bilderbergs will go soon afterward. There is a Mob planet which I believe is where they will go.

I do not know when the Lizards are leaving.  They are the worst Beings on this Planet.  When they first came to Earth they bragged to me that they were here to remove masses of people. As an owner of this Planet, I demanded they leave at once.  The Lizards in England have been sacrificing children and babies for many many years.  I asked the Kingdom why they were still here.  They said the Lizards gave them life protection. For the last big wedding in England, I heard from the inside web that 2 babies from Argentina were bought and sacrificed.

These Enforcers have a plan where to take all our people of low vibration. 

Most of us have had lifetimes on other Planets.

What can you do to increase your patterning?

     Meditation, yoga, channeling, spiritual classes.

Written 20190422