Sanctions are Crimes Against Humanity, by Arzel (the new Mother God)

Our World is in a sorry state just before the Planetary Shift.  United States Politicians and others have been warned many times.  The Problem is that the Politicians and Military in charge have too low patterning (vibration). This is directly caused by their actions, especially over the last 10 years.  What was acceptable in the ’60s, ’70, ’80s, 90’s is no longer acceptable.  To be an effective politician today your patterning must be a +7 now.  You must be on a path to +10 this year.  To my knowledge, none of the politicians and military brass in the USA are even +.  Many are the Devil’s Group.  Homeland Defense has patterning in the minuses (-2000)- (-10000). 

What I have seen is that the United States will be gone from reality in less than 1 year.  These Beings who are responsible to make sure we do not blow up the Planet or send it out of orbit, have said that they will sink the United States if they see that their actions cause a war with Korea, Iran or Russia. When they sink a country the program that is used tags everyone they feel is responsible for this.  That would include all their Politicians and Military.  It would not matter where they are.  They would also tag Homeland Defense in Canada to the United States.

The sanctions that have been imposed against other countries by the United States are Crimes Against Humanity.

I have given warnings before on this website.  I have spoken to Trump and Mike Pompeo many times about this to no avail.  Like a lot of people of extreme low patterning they just want what they want.  They mistake the spiritual power everyone is given at the time of the Planetary Shift with real power.