What will life be like after the Planetary Shift, by Lynn

Today I overheard what some Homeland agents were told by what they thought were the Elohims. The Pleiadians were pretending to be Elohims with their stolen facial overlays. It was another attempt by the Pleiadians to engage our Military to help them take this Planet from us. They were given information that was laughable.

Our new reality after the shift has a lot to do with our actions now.  The worst thing our military can do is to fire atomic powered weapons across our countries.  This causes fissures underground.  At the time of the Shift, these fissures will not shift upwards. They will blow up.  Homeland Defense has been firing atomic powered weapons across North America at people of high vibration.  Some people of very low patterning and intelligence, feel that if they killed off all high patterning people the Planet will not shift.  That is not true.  This Planet is scheduled to shift.  There are Beings here handling this shift.  I agreed to this so the shift is handled.  A year ago approximately, a new Homeland Commander decided he was going to kill me.  The Program in Heaven started the shift.  It was in the middle of the night. I was shocked by how fast it happened. Azna was giving me updates on who had left.  Anyone under 10 patternings left.  I was very upset.  I have a close connection to the program in Heaven.  I was able to reverse it. I have secured programs that after the Shift new communities will be created.  It should take one to two days.  Also, there are many products being manufactured on other Planets for us.  I and the Elohim nation own Mars. Our team will store technology and supplies there for after the Shift.  Contrary to what you may believe, we have large ET ships to go to Mars. As a responsible and kind Planetary owner, I was given 3 large light blocking ET ships from another Planetary owner. I am also the head of Andromeda.  I was voted in.   We have machines (known as replicators) that will produce meals.  I and my team have a lot to do before the Shift.   There will be an energy grid that will be lowered after the Shift.  We will have people plugging our new homes into the grid for energy. Some of our homes will survive.  There is technology to remove fissures.  Some ET civilizations can do this for us.  It is not cheap.  Most want gold in exchange. 

At this time our Planet needs people of high vibration to help.  Most of our Politicians will not be here after the Shift as their patterning is too low. Neither will be most of our military.  The Pleiadians have tricked our governments, politicians, and military.  They have played to their weaknesses: greed and ego.  As a consequence of stolen houses, stolen faces, stolen money these people have seen their patterning go from plus 6 to minus 10000.  I have noticed billions of dollars being stolen.  These criminal actions result in your patterning being lowered substantially.  This is done by the computer in Heaven.  Everyone has interactive charts on the program in Heaven.  Your actions are recorded and your patterning adjusted. At the time of the Shift, you need to be a plus 10.  If however, you are plus 6 and on a pathway to a 10, the Council can give you a port so you will survive the Shift. 

There is a group of Beings here called “The Enforcers” who are responsible for moving people of low patterning off the Planet.  It is up to them where they move people.  People of patterning from 1 to 9 will be taken to a Planet similar to ours.  Most people will be seeded that are being removed.  It is something that we have all experienced in one of our lifetimes.